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Lili Reinhart Shares Sexual Harassment Story: "I Was So Young"


An onslaught of celebrities are coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment and assault, following allegations of Harvey Weinstein's horrendous abuse of power. Everyone from Blake Lively to Terry Crews has opened up about supremely inappropriate behavior they've experienced within the film industry, and the list of victims keeps getting longer and longer. On Oct. 11, Lili Reinhart shared a sexual harassment story on her Tumblr — and it's an incredibly painful, important read.

At this point, it's hard to keep up with all of the women who have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault. There was Ashley Judd, who alleged that the producer asked her to watch him take a shower. Then there was actress Jessica Barth, who claimed that Weinstein asked her to massage him, while he was naked. Oh, and then there was journalist Lauren Sivan, who claimed that she was forced to watch the disgraced mogul masturbate into a potted plant.

Of the allegations, Sallie Hofmeister, Weinstein's spokeswoman, said in a statement,

Now, even more Hollywood players are stepping forward to share their stories about alleged incidents with various colleagues and associates. Reinhart took to Tumblr to discuss her experience with sexual harassment, and express her solidarity with all the victims who have opened up in recent weeks.

The post, titled "In light of the Harvey Weinstein allegations," details an incident involving a "significantly older" person she was working with on a project when she was a teenager. The Riverdale actress says she had a crush on him. The two went on a date together, and the actress claims that the man forced himself on her, while she repeatedly told him "no." She wrote,

The man then convinced Reinhart to get back into his car and attempted to drive her back to his house. Once again, she said no, and he made a "snarky comment" and "reluctantly" drove her home.

The actress recalled the difficult days that followed and how she tried to come to terms with her attacker, while he proceeded to blame and shame her. She wrote,

The man called her a "tease" and “the most manipulative woman he’d ever met.” Reinhart wrote that she actually felt like she had done something wrong, and worried that she had in fact led him on. The actress explained that she never told anyone on the project about the situation because she didn't think anyone would believe her. Plus, he held more power in the project. She reasoned,

The actress then expressed her solidarity with the women who have come forward with allegations against Weinstein, and her belief that women should open up about their experiences with sexual harassment.

"I’m coming forward about my own experience to further express how common these assaults are in this industry and how important it is that we take action to fight against it," she wrote.

So, so much applause for these victims who are bravely sharing their stories. We're all better and stronger because of it.