'Cheer's Lexi Brumback Is In The Cutest Relationship Alive

by Candice Jalili

If you, like me, ravenously devoured all six episodes of Cheer and have now found yourself with an intense craving for literally any Navarro-related gossip, I come bearing a delicious bit of news. The Tom Brady of tumbling, also known as Lexi Brumback, is dating Dominic Green and they're truly so cute together. Brumback, who was kindly allowed back onto the Navarro team by Coach Monica Aldama after the Netflix show wrapped up filming, opened up about her relationship during a Jan. 27 interview with Bustle.

I’m not going to be [in Corsicana] that long,” she explained while discussing her long-distance relationship. “My boyfriend is trans," she added when the conversation shifted toward the predominately conservative ideology in Texas. "I really support that community."

While the Bustle interview marked Brumback's first time discussing her relationship with the press, the couple has been incredibly open about their relationship on Instagram for close to a year. Green posted his first Instagram with Brumback, a video of themselves and some friends at a rave, in March 2019. While the caption wasn't exactly directed toward Brumback, he did imply that she was part of his beloved "rave fam," writing:

all i have to say is that it was great, thank you @excisionofficial for the experience, won’t be the last, and thank you @_ariawolf_ for the tickets. & ily rave fam ✖️

While she didn't tag him in the post, Brumback did post a black-and-white picture in January 2019 that appeared to have Green in the background (evidence: he lives in Houston where the photo was tagged, he also posted from a rave that night, and he was also spotted wearing that same mask in a picture he posted a week later).

In recent months, the couple has gotten more outwardly romantic on Insta. On Nov. 20, Brumback captioned a series of photos of herself and Green standing in front of a fire pit, "My other half."

In honor of Brumback's 20th birthday on Jan. 11, 2020, Green posted a series of photos of them alongside this sweet caption: "happy birthday love, hope you receive all that your heart desires. 💚😚" Then, as if it couldn't get any cuter, Brumback commented: "I already got you tho 😘" These two!

So, who is Brumback's "other half," you ask? In addition to being an aspiring actor and model, Green (who has over 75,000 followers) is a prominent figure on social media among the LGBTQ community. “The response [I’ve gotten on Instagram] has been eye watering,” he told Spectrum South in a 2018 interview. “I get a lot of feedback, mostly about how I have positively impacted others’ lives. I’ve inspired others to live more balanced and versatile lifestyles. Some say I have opened others’ eyes to see things differently, whether it’s by posting a positive quote or spilling the most recent obstacle I’ve faced. I get told that I’ve helped others come out to their families and friends. ‘You helped me become proud of myself. I’m not out to my family, but I no longer hate myself because you’ve shown me how beautiful it can be to just be yourself and to be proud of it.’ Things like that. It makes my heart feel like there are fireworks going off in there. It’s beautiful.”

Sounds like he's a good dude deserving of Brumback's love. Happy for these two lovebirds!