Lennon Stella Revealed What It Was Like Writing A Song With Finneas For Her New Album

Aidan Zamiri

Lennon Stella makes the kind of music that hooks you with one listen. It's the reason her 2018 debut single, "La Di Da," solidified her as a singer-songwriter in her own right outside of her musical TV role on Nashville and her many viral YouTube covers. It's also why she picks up a new wave of fans with each song she releases. One of those fans is none other than Finneas, the producer and older brother of Billie Eilish. With the arrival of her new album, Three, Two One, Stella made music magic again, and she enlisted the award-winning producer for a little help with one of the tracks. Lennon Stella's quotes about writing "Jealous" with Finneas explain why the song is so special.

Stella dropped "Jealous," the second single off Three, Two, One, on March 13. The breakup song explores the awkward phase after a split when your ex still has a front-row seat to your life on social media.

"We actually wrote it over such a long period, we kept going back and adding bits and pieces," Stella explains to Elite Daily about the writing process. "I found that, at the beginning, it was very specifically about someone, and then it kind of turned into more of just a thing I’ve dealt with a couple times in the past, getting over somebody and them thinking every move is an intentional thing to hurt them."

Writing the song came easy, as Stella admits she's fallen prey to the pressures of social media and the effect it can have on relationships.

"I think social media, in a lot of ways, makes everything harder," she says. "It’s really like I have a love-hate relationship with it because I actually love it so much... but it also really can be so toxic. Especially with breakups, just everything is shoved in your face, and it makes it kind of hard to just not stay at a standstill and really get over someone."

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"Jealous" has an understated melody that's still highly infectious, a balance that Finneas helped her find. It turns out Stella has known him for years — well, through social media.

"He would follow my videos when I was itty bitty, so, it was cool [to work with him] because we’d both just kind of known of each other for a while," Stella says. "We got in a room and created together and he’s just a real music lover, which is so inspiring. It keeps me very creative and inspired, so that was a great session."

Aidan Zamiri

"Jealous" is just one of the 13 tracks featured on Stella's debut full-length album Three, Two One, which arrived on April 24.

"I feel like you get to know an artist entirely with an album and you can really understand what they're trying to say and how they're trying to say it," Stella says. "I think that to me is really important to have with a full album. I just kind of view it as having the space and freedom to really explore and tell different parts of myself that I haven't yet."

Lennon Stella's Three, Two, One is available on all major streaming platforms now.