Simon Quarterman Strips Down Lee's Revealing 'Westworld' Season 2 Scene – EXCLUSIVE

by Ani Bundel

Westworld Season 2 started off with a bang on Sunday, and the hosts stood up to take control of their world. Dolores spent most of the hour on horseback riding through the park gleefully gunning down those who had done her wrong. Maeve, on the other hand, returned to Delos HQ, now on a mission to find her daughter. On her way, she runs into Lee Sizemore, the Head of Narrative, and decides to take him along with her. But what had most people talking was Lee's nude scene on Westworld, where the tables are finally flipped and a human found himself standing naked in front of hosts.

Actor Simon Quarterman, who plays Lee Sizemore, tells Elite Daily that this was a scene in with "lots of moving parts to it."

I hope it’s an impactful scene for people... It’s the transition of control first of all. We see the hosts are becoming more in control of the park. And also for Lee, it’s the beginning of a deconstruction of sorts, for himself. We’re seeing him stripped down to the skin. It’s not only is it about the transition of control between the hosts and the humans, but also a transition between the male swaggering ego and the feminine coming into power.

Season 2 shows women taking control in Westworld. Not just Maeve and Dolores, but also on the human side, with Charlotte and the Board. As Quarterman mused later during the premiere Q&A "You've got a lot of strong women in this show."

As to being under Maeve's control, Quarterman admits that he's not a totally unwilling hostage, especially once he realizes the scale of the crisis.

There’s a part of him that’s a little bit willing as well. He knows Maeve is his only real chance for survival... Lee’s very confused at what’s going on in the park. He has no idea what’s been going on upstairs. His first real glimpse of it is getting up to the control room and seeing everyone’s been killed and no one is in control.

Sizemore may be following Maeve, but that doesn't mean he is suddenly on the side of the hosts for this fight. Quarterman says Lee is Team Human when it comes to which side he's on, and more importantly, he's "Team Lee" when it comes to the question of whether or not hosts should be allowed free will.

Lee’s relationship with the hosts is actually very different than either Ford or Arnold. He sees them as just props to his stories. In fact, he’d be more Team Lee if anything. He’s more Team Looking Out For Himself, and his own Narrative and his own skin.

As to what may be coming down the line for his character this season, and beyond, he says he gave up theorizing as to what was going to happen next.

I kind of gave up theorizing. I tried, and I attempted to and then I got halfway through this season and I was sitting in the makeup chair for the umpteenth time, trying to come up with my own, you know, crackpot schemes of what was going to happen and getting it wrong, always getting it wrong. So I just gave up.

Westworld this season looks to be setting up for a showdown between the hosts on the island and the humans coming to shut the revolution down and bring things back to the status quo. When asked if he personally was cheering on the hosts to win the fight, or for humans to will out, he says he has faith in his fellow man.

Me? I got a lot of hope for humans and I’ve got a lot of hope for humanity, so for me, it’s gotta be Team Human.

Westworld Season 2 airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.