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Learn How To Draw Disney Characters With These 13 Magical Tutorials

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You've watched your favorite Disney movies about a million times. You have the classic songs memorized and can quote them without hesitation, but can you draw some of your favorite Disney characters? Even if you're not much of a doodler, you can learn how to draw Disney characters easily with these how-to videos.

These 13 tutorials make it simple for you to sketch some of your favorite characters. You'll be sketching Mickey Mouse, Stitch, or even Ariel from The Little Mermaid in no time. Get your roomies together for a fun night in, but instead of a wine and paint plan, you can sketch and watch your favorite Disney movie.

Following these tutorials can be a fun way to embrace some of that Disney magic — no park ticket required. Of course, you need to show off your masterpieces to your friends once you're finished, so go ahead and post a pic of your completed drawing on social media. Pair any of your pics with a quote from that character's film, or use your favorite Disney quote as the caption. Then, watch as the praise starts rolling in, and you can pat yourself on the back for job well done.

Mickey Mouse

To start your Disney drawing journey, you should definitely begin with the one who started it all — Mickey Mouse. At the core, Mickey is comprised of those three iconic circles, but this how-to video helps you fill in the details so you can start to see Mickey's brilliant smile.

Winnie The Pooh

There's no bear more adorable than Winnie the Pooh. This sketch of Winnie the Pooh has the power to instantly make your heart melt.


Instead of asking, "Do you want to build a snowman," you should ask, "Do you want to draw one?" This tutorial breaks things down so you can draw your favorite snowman from Frozen — Olaf. You don't even need Elsa's powers to make it happen.


Stitch is fun character to draw with his cute, big ears and eyes. Try to tackle creating this character with your roomie. You can even learn how to draw Lilo, so you have the two friends together for the ultimate BFF hangout.


Once you've learned how to draw Mickey, it might be easy to move on to some of the other main Disney characters like Goofy. This easy-to-follow tutorial will help you sketch the silly and lovable character, along with his signature hat.


Simba just can't wait to be king, and you can't wait to learn how to draw him. Put on The Lion King soundtrack while you follow this video. That way, you can sing along while drawing and have a hakuna matata time.


Ariel's wish was to be a part of the human world, and you wish you could master drawing some of your fave characters from under the sea. Well, your wish has been granted with this tutorial. Once you complete your sketch, you can go ahead and color it in to match her iconic red hair.

Jack Skellington

If The Nightmare Before Christmas is your favorite Disney film, you'll love this Jack Skellington tutorial. It doesn't even have to be the holiday season for you to learn how to draw The Pumpkin King.


If Mulan was a Disney movie you watched over and over again as a kid, you'll love this Mushu how-to. Before you know it, you'll have a book full of magical artwork.

Minnie Mouse

If you know how to draw Mickey Mouse, you're that much closer to knowing how to draw Minnie Mouse. She's basically the same design as Mickey, but you add the lashes and her iconic bow. Now the cutest Disney couple can be together again in your sketch book.


Baymax from Disney's Big Hero 6 looks like a pretty simple character to master. This sketch is comprised of a lot of oval and egg shapes. It can be a fun one to tackle with your entire squad to see how you do.


It's not often that you get to learn how to draw a Disney character from one of the animators who actually brought that character to life on screen. Thanks to this tutorial, you'll learn how to draw Sven from the Animation Supervisor for him from Frozen 2.


Once you've seen all the Toy Story movies, the next step should be learning how to draw Woody. The lovable cowboy voiced by the equally as lovable Tom Hanks is easier to draw than you may think, thanks to this tutorial. Once you've got Woody, you might as well learn how to draw his best friend, Buzz Lightyear, too.

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