Here's How 'Austin & Ally' Prepared Laura Marano To Be Shipped With Noah Centineo

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It's a truth universally acknowledged at this point that anybody starring as Noah Centineo's love interest in a movie is automatically starring as his love interest in real life, too (in the audience's head, at least). From the moment he stepped into the role of Peter Kavinsky across from Lana Condor's Lara Jean Song in Netflix's hit movie To All the Boys I've Loved Before, everyone immediately began shipping Peter with Lara on screen, and Centineo with Condor off screen — because as the internet's boyfriend, who wouldn't want their fellow human to find love and happiness with Noah Centineo? Well, get ready to start shipping someone new with Centineo, because Laura Marano's comments about Noah Centineo and The Perfect Date (their upcoming movie together) are a shipper's dream.

In The Perfect Date, Centineo will play Brooks Rattigan, a computer whiz who's in need of major funds if he wants to go to his dream Ivy League school. When he poses as his classmate Celia Lieberman's (played by Laura Marano) date for some extra cash, he realizes he's really good at pretending to be the perfect date, so he launches an app selling himself as anyone's perfect plus-one. Along the way, he meets the girl of his dreams (played by Riverdale's Camila Mendes), but when his app takes off, he starts to rethink his outlook on life.

Is it just me, or does this movie strike you as 2019's answer to John Hughe's 1987 classic, Some Kind of Wonderful? Centineo's Brooks is obviously Eric Stoltz's Keith, while Marano's character Celia is Mary Stuart Masterson's tomboy BFF character, Watts. If all goes according to movie tropes, Brooks will spend the entire movie pining after Mendes' "dream girl" character (Lea Thompson's Amanda Jones in Some Kind of Wonderful) only to realize he's been in love with his bestie Celia the whole time.

You may not be convinced I'm onto something, but just look at this promotional shot Netflix shared on Instagram and try to tell me I'm wrong:

Yup. Total endgame vibes.

Whether my prediction comes true or not, chances are you'll be shipping this pair hard when the movie drops on April 12 on Netflix.

And is Marano prepared for the wave of shippers that are about to be all up in her mentions, much like Lana Condor had to deal with in the wake of To All the Boys I've Loved Before's release.

"I am a rather well-versed expert when it comes to shipping," Marano tells Elite Daily about whether she's ready for the inevitable onslaught of fans planning her future with Centineo. "I dealt with it during every season of Austin & Ally. I definitely know the feeling and know what it’s like."

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Oh, riiiiiight. Marano starred on Disney Channel's hit show Austin & Ally with The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina's Ross Lynch for five years. Basically, she grew up with fans constantly speculating about her character's onscreen romance with Lynch's character also being a thing offscreen.

"Ross [Lynch] and I talked about this," Marano says. "I think it’s a great sign when audiences are shipping because that means they’re into the movie and into what happens. I know I absolutely love rom-coms with such a passion and, as an audience member, I’m still very upset that Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling aren’t together. I feel personally offended." She's definitely echoing every movie-goers thoughts there, I'm sure. "So I’m all for audiences feeling so connected to the character that they want us together in real life."

But Marano kept things real: She definitely did not feel the same way circa 2011 when she was being shipped with Ross Lynch.

"When you’re 15 or 16, it’s like when you’re in high school, right?" Marano says of the awkwardness one experiences growing up on screen. "Everyone in the high school wants you and your best friend to get together, so you’re just kinda like 'Aw this is so awkward, everyone look away.'"

Although the experience was cringy for Marano at the time, she can look back and laugh about it now that it's over. "I think I have enough experience in it now," Marano says. "I wish I knew a little bit better when was 15 about how to deal with it and laugh it off."

So, yes. Laura Marano is more than ready for the shipping to commence. Especially since she and Centineo have a bit of a past playing each other's love interests on TV.

Centineo literally played Marano's love interest on Austin & Ally. In an ancient season one episode of the show, a pre-pubescent Centineo plays a boy named Dallas that Ally is crushing on hard. Check out the adolescent awkwardness in all its glory below!

"Noah was my first love interest on Austin & Ally," Marano says about the episode. "So it was really fun teaming up with him again. So I think we’re prepared."

I'm glad you're prepared, Laura. Because I'm prepared, too. I'm so ready to ship Celia and Brooks as hard as I ship Lara Jean and Peter. The Perfect Date can't get here soon enough!