Here's Why Lana Condor Is OK With Fans Shipping Her With Noah Centineo Despite Having A BF

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lana Condor and Noah Centineo may not be dating in real life, but they sure do enjoy all the fan speculation about their characters in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Condor opened up about what it was like being linked to Centineo and why she and her co-star initially fueled speculation that they were an item. Lana Condor’s comments about Noah Centineo romance rumors highlight just how much she believes in Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky.

In her interview with Cosmopolitan, Condor spoke at length about her love life, her friendship with Centineo, and what it was like to become a household name overnight. Of her friendship with Centineo, Condor admitted that she and her co-star both encouraged fans to ship them as well as their characters in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

“Noah and I definitely encouraged the speculation,” Condor said. “But it’s because we believe in the story and the characters and we genuinely love each other. You can truly love someone in a very platonic way.”

While the speculation was fun for everyone at first, Condor revealed that it did get out of hand, especially when her real-life boyfriend Anthony de la Torre became a target for fans. Apparently, fans were harassing de la Torre on social media and saying “horrible things” to him. Condor also shared that fan reactions to her boyfriend were “hurtful.”

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“It was so hurtful for both of us,” Condor shared. “This is supposed to be a good thing. Why are you ­coming for someone who has no part of this story? If you say you support me, why would you hurt someone I love?”

The backlash from fans regarding de la Torre prompted Condor to start opening up about her relationship in interviews. This, Condor said, has helped fans realize that she isn’t Lara Jean, but instead her own person.

“People are starting to understand that you’re not necessarily the person you play onscreen,” she said.

So, when it comes to Condor and Centineo, you can ship it, but only if you can also acknowledge it's 100% not real and not at the expense of her real-life bae.

All that negativity aside, though, Condor seems to be really grateful to have the life she does. Her success means that she’s reaching wider audiences and many of them are young Asian girls who look up to her. At first, this wasn’t an easy undertaking as Condor was adopted from Vietnam by white parents and her cultural background hasn’t always been a distinct part of her identity.

“I know how many people are looking to me,” Condor said. “I’ve had so many little Asian girls and older Asian women come up to me. Because of that, I’m really aware and proud of who I am and what I look like.”

Condor is clearly still learning the ropes of being a household name. She even addressed the pressure of being an overnight sensation in her interview with Cosmo.

“I had a week of transition where I was like, ‘I have to be okay with it. This is my new reality,’” she revealed.

Overall, though, Condor seems to be handling it really well and I’m sure her friends, Centineo included, are a big help in keeping her grounded!