Last-Minute Thanksgiving Flight Deals For All You Adventurous Procrastinators

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means that there's pretty dirt-cheap flight deals hitting the internet. And when you combine budget travel with all the gravy you can consume? Pretty much the happiest of Novembers ever. I went through Skyscanner for some of the most wallet friendly travel options this month. Here are nine last-minute Thanksgiving flight deals that you should probably snag immediately.

New York

Heading to the Big Apple? There are November flight deals starting at $85, which is a bargain compared to the amount of pizza slices and trips to Soho you'll probably be making. You can fly out from Miami for $85, Chicago for $92, San Francisco for $194, and Atlanta for $136.

Los Angeles

OK, if you're feeling more of a sunshine-y, all-natural, driving with the windows down vacation, Los Angeles is only one fairly inexpensive trip away, you can fly out from Denver for only $39 (seriously!) and Oklahoma for $162. If you're in NYC and willing to loosen the purse strings a little bit, you can head to the City of Angels for $262. Not too bad for the price of a really nice tan right before winter hits.

(Ryan from The O.C. is sadly not included in this deal.)


Want to really up the whole beach-y Thanksgiving vibe? Head to Miami on a pretty decent budget. Fly out from New York City for $86, Chicago for $94, Washington D.C. for $104, Atlanta for $133, Las Vegas for $99, Dallas for $102, and Providence for $48.

P.S. This could be you on the beach, looking just like RiRi:

Las Vegas

The City of Sin is just one budget-friendly flight away this November. You can hit the slots or, you know, have a chill night in with the fam, for as low as $45 round trip. Flights from Miami start at $107, Chicago for $67, Washington D.C. for $150, Atlanta for $131, Denver for $61, Austin for $84, Cleveland for $81, and Memphis for $133.

So, I guess we should all probably suit up like we're George Clooney in Ocean's 11 and just do this thing.


Head to the Windy City this November and eat all this deep dish pizza your heart desires (OK, full disclosure, I've never actually been to Chicago but I did see that one How I Met Your Mother pizza road trip episode). Fly to Chi-town for $80 from Miami, $78 from Atlanta, $99 from Phoenix and $77 from Tampa.


Start perfecting your perfect Bahhhhston accent, because flights into the city are pretty cheap this November. Fly out to Boston for $83 from Cleveland, Chicago for $111, and New York for $111. How do you like them apples?


So maybe you're feeling like going someplace a little more international this November. Why not? It's been a pretty weird, rough 2017. Tickets to Barcelona are super, super cheap right now and you should probably jump on them ASAP. Your middle school Spanish probably still holds up. You can fly out from Los Angeles for $398, Boston for $298, Pittsburgh for $240, and Oakland for $373.


Looking for an, errmm, more hazy November? Head to Amsterdam for a little R-rated fun AND some crazy amazing museums. Pick up tickets from Los Angeles for $391, Boston for $349, and Pittsburgh for $310.

Hong Kong

I mean, if you're going to go international, why not go FULL international? Plus, who isn't into the idea of an impromptu trip to Asia? I guarantee the food will be way better than any turkey you can eat in America. If you're lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, you can snag a ticket to Hong Kong for a ridiculously low $402.

So go, go book now! In the interest of not being too much of a millennial caricature, I refuse to say YOLO... but... you know what I mean.