LaCroix's New LimonCello Flavor Coming in 2020, so get ready for sparkling water in the new year.

LaCroix Is Releasing A New LimonCello Flavor That Sounds Refreshing AF

While you're cozied up by the fire thinking about warmer weather and the upcoming new year, you can also take a moment to celebrate the announcement of a new sparkling water flavor from one of your fave brands. LaCroix's new LimonCello flavor is coming in 2020, and TBH, this just might be one of the company's best sips yet. Even though this water isn't boozy like its namesake, it'll be a refreshing way to kick off the new year.

On Tuesday, Dec. 17, LaCroix posted a photo of the new flavor on its Instagram account, and fans immediately got hype in the comments section. LaCroix says the newest flavor, LimonCello, is set to join the other sparkling water flavors in early 2020, and it will be available nationwide. It's inspired by the Limoncello of Italy: an Italian liqueur that is both tart and sweet, and oh-so citrus-y. The flavor profile is practically an ode to summer, with the bright citrus notes many people like to enjoy in the warmer months.

The brand calls this new flavor innovative with a European finesse, which sounds fancy enough, but really it just means it's probably going to be very, very refreshing — like actual Limoncello but without the alcohol. If lemon is your jam, you just may want to buy multiple cases of this flavor when it releases in grocery stores.

While you're waiting for this new LaCroix flavor to hit the shelves, you can still load up on the other flavors of LaCroix to keep you feeling refreshed throughout the holidays.

Created in 1981, LaCroix is a favorite of many sparkling water connoisseurs, with fresh flavors like Grapefruit (Pamplemousse), Lime, Lemon, Orange, Cran-Raspberry, Peach-Pear, and Apricot, to name a few. Sparkling water has always been pretty trendy, and it looks like other brands are following LaCroix's lead. Even Coca-Cola announced the upcoming release of AHA sparkling water this past November. Although there are a few other sparkling water brands out there, you probably already know — if even just by the pics on your IG feed — LaCroix has a dedicated fan base. So, it's safe to say the LimonCello release in early 2020 will be a welcome way to kick off the new year.