Kylie Jenner's "What's In My Bag" Video Has Fans PISSED

Kylie Jenner's "What's In My Bag" Video Has Fans Royally PISSED


Kylie Jenner's YouTube videos offer an inside look into her glamorous life as a celebrity and makeup mogul. Fans can't help but be amazed over her day-to-day life, so when they got a notification Kylie Jenner's "What's In My Bag" video hit YouTube on Sept. 15, they had high expectations. Viewers hoped to get some juicy details about the star's everyday necessities, so you can imagine their disappointment when everything turned out to be from Kylie Cosmetics, making it feel like one big commercial instead.

"What's In My Bag" videos are some of the most popular content on YouTube. You'll be hard pressed to find a single beauty guru on the platform that hasn't filmed one. But usually, the videos offer suggestions from products from all different types of brands at different price points. But that wasn't the case for Jenner's most recent "What's In My Bag" video.

"It’s been almost two years since I did my last 'What’s In My Bag' video and I’ve seen you guys requesting this video for a while, so I wanted to take you guys inside my closet to show you the must haves I take everywhere with me," Jenner wrote in her video's description box. Jenner then went on to pull out products that were almost exclusively produced by her family's various businesses like KKW Beauty and, of course, Kylie Cosmetics.

To say that fans were underwhelmed by the clip is a total understatement because they felt Jenner just spent the entire time promoting her Kylie Cosmetics line.

Hand sanitizers, face masks, perfumes, scrunchies, and lipsticks were just a few of the items she mentioned that were tied to her name. She even plugged Kylie-branded UNO cards, which I didn't even know was a thing. The only items Jenner talked about that weren't hers were Kim Kardashian's KKW products.


By the looks of it, Jenner definitely missed the mark with this upload.