Kylie Jenner steps out with her daughter, Stormi.

Stormi Just Realized Her Mom's Name Is Kylie & Now She Won't Stop Saying It

Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

While most of the world knows Kylie Jenner on a first name basis at this point, to her daughter, Stormi, she's just mommy. But, apparently, the duo have been hanging around too many fans and paparazzi, because in a new video, little Stormi went right ahead and called her mom by her first name. Kylie Jenner's video of Stormi calling her Kylie will have you watching on repeat.

This was hardly the first time a celebrity baby has pulled this move. You may remember, in January 2020, John Legend's daughter called him by his first name and he was not having it. Seriously, the video of Legend's reaction to Luna's name slip-up was something else.

As for Jenner, it was basically the same sitch. It became immediately clear Jenner prefers mom over "Kylie" any day. She took to Instagram to document the laughable moment she had to correct her daughter.

In the clip, shared to her IG stories, Jenner took a home video of Stormi.

"Hi Kylie," Stormi could be heard saying from off camera (much to Jenner's dismay). "That's not my name, my name's mommy," she said, correcting Stormi.

Unfortunately for Jenner, Stormi really ran with this one. She went on to say "hi Kylie" a bunch more times, clearly getting a kick out of herself. You can watch the hilarious moment for yourself below.

Don't worry though, in the next video clip Jenner shared, Stormi was right back to calling her mommy. And just listen to that adorable laugh.

These were just a few of many adorable moments Jenner shared of Stormi this week, especially after celebrating her 2nd birthday. Obvi, Kylie went all out for her little one's big day, and was sure to document the fun. In photos from Stormi's amusement park-themed birthday bash, it looked like she had an absolute ball.

Jenner was also sure to share a heartfelt message for her baby girl on the special day.

"And just like that she’s two ⚡️⚡️ happy birthday to my Stormi. February 1st 4:43pm the moment my life changed forever. We were meant for each other stormiloo," she captioned her post.

Baby Stormi and Jenner share a very special bond, but that's "mommy" to Stormi, and it doesn't sound like Kylie is ready to compromise on that anytime soon.