John Legend steps out with his daughter Luna.

Luna Called John Legend By His First Name & He Was NOT Having It

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are the epitome of parenting goals, and Teigen's latest Instagram video showed just how seriously they take their jobs as parents. While the majority of the world knows Mr. Legend as "John," typically, his kids call him "dad." You know... the name most of us call our fathers. Well, apparently, Luna has been hearing her dad's name on the radio too much, because she recently slipped up and called him by his first name. Believe me when I say John Legend's reaction to Luna calling him by his first name was a whole mood.

It all went down at the Legend household as little Luna was playing with the family's new puppy, Petey. ICYMI: Petey is the cutest new Instagram pup on the block. The Legend family adopted him in January 2019 and Teigen's Instagram feed has held nothing but adorable puppy eyes ever since.

In one video ft. Petey, Luna was seen walking over to her dad with the puppy in her arms. "John, would you like to hold her?" she asked.

Evidently, Legend was less than thrilled by being called "John" by his daughter, and his face said it all. He swiftly responded with a stern, "I'm not John... I'm your dad." Thankfully for all of us, Teigen shared the hilarious video to social media.

Teigen knew her husband simply was not having it. "John??" she captioned her Twitter video, and Legend's deadpan face soon went on to inspire a hilarious set of tweets and memes.

But what's really important here is how dang adorable Legend's new furry child is. Petey is melting hearts all across the internet.

"Welcome to the family, petey! thank you @theellenshow and @wagmorpets for making us aware of this adorable little rescue family. this little guy grabbed our heart first and will hold onto it forever!" Teigen wrote on Jan. 6, when introducing Petey to the world.

The whole family loves Petey, but especially Luna.

While I'm sure "John" would absolutely love to hold Petey too, it sounds like there's nothing he'd love more than to be called "dad" by his daughter. That being said, something tells me the lesson in semantics went over Luna's head, given that there's currently cuteness overload in her household.