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Kylie Clapped Back At A Fan Who Dissed Her Quarantine Hair & It Was Brutal

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner can usually have a hairstylist at her house with the snap of a finger, but amid the coronavirus outbreak, even she is having hair struggles. One person took the time to point this out, sliding into her Instagram comments with some shade about her 'do. Jenner lets most social media shade slide, but she wasn't ready to let this comment go, replying right back to her hair hater. Kylie Jenner's response to a fan dissing her quarantine hair was too good.

With salons closed, Jenner has decided to take on the responsibility of dying her hair herself. On April 3, the makeup mogul posted a video to her Instagram story letting fans in on what she called her "hair health journey." Gone were her extensions and fun-colored wigs, and Jenner let her au naturale hair shine for the first time in what felt like forever.

"This is actually the first time I’ve worn my natural hair," she said. However, she also brought some bleach into the mix, dying her hair slightly lighter than her natural shade.

Jenner did an A+ job, creating somewhat of an ombre look, but one hairstylist commented on a video of Jenner playing with Stormi, writing, “Kylie honey, you need some blending on that hair.” You can see Jenner's hair in her Instagram video below.

Jenner simply wasn't having it, and stood up for herself by saying, "I know b*tch it’s been a long day."

You can see the response for yourself below.

Many fans stood up for Jenner, leaving comments of their own. "Let the girl breathe damn some of you people get on to her for every and anything give her a damn break," one person commented.

"Gurl we in quarantine who tf cares," another wrote.

Let's be honest, Jenner could do practically anything to her hair and she'd still be drop-dead-gorgeous. Plus, when her time in self-quarantine is over, Jenner will surely go back to shocking us with new revamped ~lewks~ on the daily.

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