Kylie Jenner steps out with daughter Stormi.

Kylie Explains Her Fears For Stormi's Future Amid Senseless Police Killings

Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner is speaking out amid ongoing unchecked police brutality against black people in the U.S. After the police killing of George Floyd on May 25, a number of celebrities have spoken out about the need for change. For Jenner, who co-parents daughter Stormi with Travis Scott, she can no longer stay silent about police brutality. Kylie Jenner's Instagram about George Floyd's murder reveals she fears for her daughter's future.

Jenner chose to share her statement alongside a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. "There comes a time when silence is betrayal," she shared on Instagram. With the quote, came a lengthy caption from Kylie, detailing her thoughts and feelings on Floyd's senseless murder by Minneapolis police.

"Since watching the most devastating and completely heartbreaking video showing the murder of George Floyd earlier this week I haven't been able to get his face and his words out of my mind," Jenner began. "I'll never personally experience the pain and fear that many black people around the country go through every day but I know nobody should have to live in fear and nobody deserves a death like George Floyd and too many others."

"Speaking up is long overdue for the rest of us. We're currently dealing with two horrific pandemics in our country, and we can't sit back and ignore the fact that racism is one of them. I fear for my daughter and I hope for a better future for her," Jenner added.

Kylie urged her followers to speak out as well, and do their part to make a difference.

"My heart breaks for George Floyd’s family and friends. Don’t let his name be forgotten. keep sharing, keep watching, keep speaking out, because it’s the only way we can come together to help bring this much needed change and awareness," she wrote.

Meanwhile, Travis Scott has spoken out against the racial injustice in America as well. He tweeted out a video on May 29 which asked fans not to turn their back on racism. "Let’s all be part of the change," he captioned the post.

As Stormi's parents pray for a better future for their daughter, there's still work to be done to pave the way.