Kylie Jenner Has Massive Condoms Hanging On Her Wall Because Art, OK?


If you keep up with the Kardashians, then you know all about Kris Jenner's massive checkerboard foyer. You probably know about Khloé's outdoor white couch swings, and you definitely know that Kim and Kanye only decorate in the colors tan, beige, and nude. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner is over here living in the party house of the century. Sometimes, the cosmetics mogul gives fans glimpses into her space on Instagram, but her spread in Architectural Digest is such an awesome close look at her home. There's definitely one detail people picked up on, too. Kylie Jenner's condom wall is the talk of the town, and by town, I mean Twitter.

The first thing I noticed about Kylie's home is how bright and colorful it is! While her sisters and mom tend to decorate in neutrals, Jenner went with neons, hot pinks, and metallics. Each room has its own complete theme, but they all vibe and flow together perfectly. In her Architectural Digest feature, a few massive art installations stand out. She has a collection of Andy Warhol prints hanging in her entryway. Similarly, a group of pill posters are all neatly arranged in her sitting area in the master bedroom. A swarm of butterfly frames cascades the wall in her dining area, and a bunch of Barbie posters pop out in her glam room.

She seems to have a thing for clusters of colorful matching art.

While all of the aforementioned pieces are so much fun to look at, her wall of massive condoms in her bar/game room caught her fans' attention the most.

In the Architectural Digest video, Kylie and Kris Jenner are chilling in her bar area in front of another group of shiny prints made up of Warhol dollar signs but, somewhere nearby, a huge massive Trojan condom is lingering. If you scroll to the 3:14 timestamp, you'll see exactly what I mean.

Twitter obviously had a few questions, one fan writing, "Just me seeing a giant condom on the wall?" and another one tweeting, "Why does she have condoms on her wall......."

But while Twitter is definitely shocked by the choice of artwork, that definitely doesn't mean they're not here for it. Actually, some people are pleasantly surprised at how much they like it.

If you want a closer look, you can head over to the artist's website behind the condoms, Beau Dunn, and browse her "Size Does Matter" collection. While I can't know for sure, it looks like each of his condom sculptures is about 2 feet by 2 feet and I can only imagine they cost, like, a lot more than real condoms.

According to Kris, all of this is part of Kylie's "mature" taste in decor. She gushes, "I think Kylie's design style is extremely mature. Your level of taste and your understanding of art and furniture and design is at a level that most people your age have no idea." Kris added, "I get excited just to see what's next with you because of your creativity and your imagination and the way you design your house is very similar to the way you run your business."

And that's true. In fact, according to Architectural Digest, the custom leather chairs in her dining room were dyed to match the lipstick colors in her famous lip kits. Hmm, must be nice being the Forbes' youngest self-made billionaire.

All joking aside, I think the condom art is fire. The loud colors, design, and textures in Kylie's home are a welcome breath of fresh air when it comes to the classic Kardashian neutral decor, and I'll just say it — I'm jealous AF.