Kylie Jenner's 6 Most Precious Videos Of Stormi Will Make Your Heart Melt

There’s no denying that Kylie Jenner loves being a mom. Since Jenner shares so much of her daughter’s life on social media, it’s really easy to get a sense of just how loved little Stormi is. From playing dress up to running her walker all over the house, Stormi pretty much has it made. And Jenner is super proud to show her off to the world. Jenner’s social media accounts are literally scattered with all kinds of footage of little Stormi that it can be hard to keep up! So, I’ve compiled a list of all of Kylie Jenner’s most precious videos of Stormi.

Down below, you’ll find a bunch of videos that Jenner has posted of her Stormi. Some are from Instagram and some are from Snapchat, but they’re all adorable nonetheless. And after you watch them, you might even consider having a kid yourself (if that's your thing!). Anyway, here are some of the most precious videos Jenner has shared so far:

1. Kylie “teaching” Stormi how to say Kylie Cosmetics

In one hilarious video, which was posted to Instagram, you can hear Jenner repeating the phrase “Kylie Cosmetics” with the hope that Stormi would maybe repeat it back to her. Of course, all Stormi can come up with is gibberish because she’s just a little baby, but it’s pretty funny nonetheless!

Here’s a look at it:

2. Kylie hugging Stormi and listening to music

In a video from early September 2018, Jenner and Stormi can be seen hugging it out and jamming to some tunes. It’s a short clip full of all the mother-daughter love you expect to see from this sweet duo. And Jenner definitely encapsulated the feeling of the video with her caption.

“love you so much it hurts 🖤,” Jenner wrote.

3. Stormi getting her morning bottle and watching TV

Like I said earlier, Stormi totally has it made and nothing proves that more than the video of Jenner feeding baby Stormi while she calmly watches TV. In the video, which includes a Snapchat filter, you can see Stormi just relaxing in her mom’s arms while Jenner feeds her. Seems like a pretty chill way to spend the morning. Check it out:

4. Stormi eating a snack and “talking” to her mom

Stormi may only be 9 months old, but she’s pretty talkative already! In a video reposted by fan account kyliesnapchat, you can see little Stormi sitting in a high chair and snacking on what looks to be cereal. When Jenner says something to Stormi, Stormi promptly answers back (in baby talk, of course). It’s super cute!

5. Stormi getting showered in kisses by her mom

As I mentioned before, Jenner loves being a mom to Stormi. And she definitely showed that to be true in an Oct. 7 video posted to her Instagram account. In the video, you can see Jenner holding Stormi and basically showering her with kisses. It’s the sweetest thing and just shows how much love there is between the two.

6. Stormi walking in her baby walker

Stormi is getting to that age when she’ll be walking and running up a storm (ha!) pretty soon. And Jenner is catching it all on camera. In a video, also reposted by fan account kyliesnapchat, you can see Stormi making a run for it. Watch:

Of course, these are only handful of the videos Jenner has posted of Stormi, but they’re definitely the cutest!