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Kylie Reportedly Brought A Wedding Dress On Vacation & I Have Questions

by Candice Jalili
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK, try to stay calm but Kylie Jenner reportedly brought a wedding dress on vacation with Travis Scott. We know this because TMZ managed to snap pics of the young billionaire boarding a private jet with a long white feathery gown in tow. Jenner, herself, was wearing a casual jeans and a white tee as one of the airport employees was carrying the gown (that was covered in a white garment bag) behind her. Oh, and in his other hand is what appears to be... wait for it... a tux. Yeah, guys. Sh*t just got real.

Because the majority of the gown was covered in a bag, we can't be sure that it was actually a wedding gown. All that was visible was the bottom part that was white and feathery. So, hey, it definitely gave off some major wedding vibes. But who knows?!

According to TMZ Jenner was reportedly boarding on the plane at Van Nuys Airport to head to her birthday party on a $250 million yacht that will be sailing around Italy. (Yeah, same.) Alongside her on the private jet were reportedly Scott and their baby Stormi (obvs), Kris Jenner, Scott Disick, Sofia Richie, and Corey Gamble. In addition to her fam members, Jenner's assistant Victoria Villarroel and her friends Stassi Karanikolaou and Yris Palmer were reportedly also aboard.

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I mean, I don't know Jenner that well but for me, personally, a yacht in Italy surrounded by my close friends and family sounds like a great place to tie the knot.

But, alas, the two reportedly won't be getting married, despite the questionable attire. "Multiple Kardashian connected sources" told TMZ that Jenner won't be getting married on this trip. "She’s headed to Italy for her birthday," a source told Entertainment Tonight on August 6. "She's definitely not getting married on this trip."

Another source told TMZ that another reported sign we won't be hearing any wedding bells during their trip to Italy is because Kim Kardashian West and Khloé Kardashian will reportedly not be present throughout the trip (Kourtney Kardashian will reportedly be meeting them in Italy "at some point," according to TMZ).

But don't confuse their reportedly not getting married during this trip for a sign they aren't going to get married at all in the near future. The same source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple is still super in love and happy and that they deffo will still get married. Just not on Jenner's birthday trip.

According to another source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, Scott has reportedly been planning on asking Jenner to marry him for a while now. All he's reportedly waiting for is the perfect time. "Travis has told friends how much he loves Kylie and wants to propose, but he wants to do it the right way," the source told Entertainment Tonight. "Travis doesn't want to rush the process."

OK, that's fair. Why rush getting engaged when you already know you're going to spend forever with someone? There's literally no need.