Kristina Finally Cleared Those Rumors About Dating Tyler Cameron

by Candice Jalili
Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Congrats to everyone with a crush on Tyler Cameron, because it appears the Bachelor star is not dating Kristina Schulman, despite dating rumors you may have seen circling recently. Kristina Schulman's quote about Tyler Cameron majorly clears the air. “That was not a thing!” she told Us Weekly on Oct. 28 after cheering on Hannah Brown during an episode of Dancing with the Stars. “I’ve had people reach out to me and ask me about what’s going on there but whenever you take a certain picture and you focus on one little thing — whether it’s two people or 10 people sitting at a table — it can get blown out of proportion. You really can’t go out with another Bachelor person without people thinking you’re dating or something’s going on. It’s silly.”

The rumor mill began churning on Sept. 27, when the Instagram account its_thesnatchelor posted a dark and blurry video of what was reportedly Schulman and Cameron dining at the restaurant Catch in Los Angeles together. The video was captioned, "Tyler and Kristina spotted having dinner together," so it's easy to see why some fans would have perceived it to have been a date. And some fans were majorly rattled by the information. "Oh noooooooooooooo please," wrote one follower. Another simply wrote, "NO."

But, based on Schulman's response, it seems as though the two were just at a big group dinner and the video was taken totally out of context. So, sorry if you were stanning them, but it seems like there isn't really anything romantic going on between the two. In actuality, Schulman told Us Weekly that she's enjoying “living that single life."

“I’m at a point where I’m kind of ready if that person comes into my life, but at the same time, I’m really enjoying staying single and just traveling and focusing on me,” she explained to Us Weekly. “I get a little bit of attention and it’s exciting and then I’m like, nevermind. I need to focus on me. So it’s a push and pull a little bit. I’m trying not to focus on that too much.”

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Cameron also heavily implied that he's single (and is no longer with Gigi Hadid) during an Oct. 1 appearance on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live when he told guest Jenny McCarthy that he "may be single." So, if you've been harboring a crush, now's the time to make your move.