Kristen Says Love Languages Are The Key To Her Marriage With Dax

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If you were wondering how they've managed to make their relationship last over a decade, Kristen Bell's quote about Dax Shepard using her love language answers a lot of questions. In a Nov. 10 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bell shared that her love language is acts of service, and that her husband totally knows how to serve her right.

"Acts of service are huge for me," Bell shared. "My husband literally said to me this morning — I mean, we're 13 years in but he's gotten it now — he woke up 10 minutes after I did and I was scrambling to get out of the house and he said as he was like, rising out of bed, he said, 'Is there anything I can help you do to help you get out of the house on time?' And I was like, 'Are you trying to make me horny right now? What are you doing?'"

Bell explained that she appreciates any actions that make her life easier — but she's also down for him to help out other people, too. "Acts of service to other people are also very sexy, but if you pour your coffee and hand me a mug as well, I'm there," she explained, noting that there are "a lot of different acts of service that would qualify under that umbrella."

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Bell's Frozen co-star Idina Menzel was also there for the interview and opened up about the key to her marriage to her husband of two years, Aaron Lohr.

"He really looks me straight in the eyes and I find that extremely sexy and disarming but in a great way," Menzel shared. "He's a therapist too, so I just feel really seen all the time. I can't get away with anything but I also feel seen and very protected."

I mean, you guys, look at this picture of them looking like they're literally gazing into each other's souls:


"It's nice when you have a man in your life that actually is there and protects you and can take care of things once in a while," Menzel continued.

Here's to hoping that A+ partners aren't only for A-listers.