Kristen Responded To An IG Hater Who Said She & Dax “Can’t Stand Each Other”

Jim Spellman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Following some controversy surrounding husband Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell's response to an Instagram hater was as calm and endearingly honest as all her clap-backs. The Feb. 5 episode of Top Gear America raised a few eyebrows when it was revealed that Shepard commissioned a very questionable painting on the side of a van. The imagery? Shepard, extra-jacked and oiled-up, posing in a loincloth. Meanwhile Bell lays at his feet, scantily clad in rags, clasping Shepard's thigh — definitely worth some side-eye.

The Top Gear America co-host explained to news site Pop Culture that he's always wanted a '70s-style painted van, but that Bell wouldn't allow it. Regarding his recent re-creation, Shepard said, "She wasn't thrilled with the level of 'female empowerment' that was depicted in that mural." Pop Culture shared the quote on Instagram on Feb. 9, and one Instagram user commented, "every piece of news i see about them talks about how they just can’t f*cking stand each other, constantly fight, now this dude is apparently objectifying her as well. just what’s the point?"

To that, Bell gently responded, "we adore each other, we just try to always be honest about how marriage, or companionship in any form, is hard sometimes. You cant always be in control or right, and it's important to us that we lead with the honesty of your 'perfect match' being a myth," Bell continued. "You gotta work hard to love yourself, and love other humans. Xo"

While Bell and Shepard are consistently in the news when it comes to their relationship, it's never for not being able to "f*cking stand each other." On Feb. 1, the celeb couple made headlines following Shepard’s comments on Sunday Today With Willie Geist. The actor and podcaster got real on why he and Bell are so candid about their marital issues.

"We don't want anyone to think we met and it's been easy, because if that's someone's expectation of a relationship and certainly a marriage, it's a bad expectation to have," Shepard told Geist. Similarly, Bell got honest with People earlier this year about the couple's need for "a little therapy brush-up" under the stressors of COVID-19. She also explained, however, this commitment to improving their relationship wasn't just limited to pandemic life.

"Every couple of years, we're like, 'We're being very antagonistic toward each other,' and we don't want that," Bell told People. "We go back to therapy and figure out what I'm not doing that's best for you and what you're not doing that's best for me, and how we can serve this team goal better. It's been incredibly helpful." If nothing else, Bell's response to the Instagram hater is a reminder that there's something admirable about leading with honesty and vulnerability when it to the struggles you face in life. You tell 'em, girl.