Kris Jenner Lives Across The Street From Kim Kardashian & Kanye West, So That's Cute


Kris Jenner is known for being close to her children. Her latest move into a new home has gotten her physically closer than ever. Kris Jenner lives across the street from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and that makes her perhaps the actual closest mother in history. Besides the proximity, Kris spent a jaw-dropping amount on the new house, but the perks of being across the street from your daughter and grandkids is obviously priceless.

Kris Jenner is the kween so if she wants to move in across the street, THAT MAKES YOU TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED. While it seems like a fun novelty that Kris moved next door to Kim and Kanye, she paid a big price tag on a truly incredible house. The reality mama dropped $9.9 million on her new 9,400 square-foot, two-story mansion. A source told E! News about the purchase,

Oh, totally. Same, I love to diversify my investments. Finance things. KRIS, CALL ME.

About a mile away from her newest real estate investment is her Hidden Hills mansion. According to E! News, Kris bought that house with Caitlyn Jenner for $4 million, and ended up winning it in the divorce settlement. We all know the Hidden Hills mansion — the one with the iconic black-and-white floor that we have practically grown up in via Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

As for her new home, it's stunning and sits on a hefty 1.28 acres. According to E!,

Sounds lovely. I'll be waiting here for my invite to the housewarming party.

It's definitely a home that's made to entertain. The backyard has a gorgeous pool and 10-person spa along with a fire pit and BBQ area (Fourth of July party, anyone?).

Kris works hard, she deserves to splurge on her own oasis. Plus, I'm sure she'll be a huge help once Kim and Kanye's third baby arrives. Kris is always super supportive, but the newest grandchild definitely holds a special place in her heart.

When Kim announced on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that her surrogate was pregnant, Kris said through tears,

E! Entertainment on YouTube

It's been an emotional experience. Kim explained,

Kim needs all the support she can get right now. She said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the surrogacy journey has been difficult due to loss of control and the unknown. She said,

Having Kris close by may be a great thing as baby number three arrives in the Kardashian-West house. In the meantime, I hope Kris enjoys her spectacular new home and invites me over soon. PLEASE?

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