Kourtney K Didn't Tell Kendall Jenner Reign Peed In Her Bed & I Have Questions

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Things got a bit awkward when the Kardashian-Disick family stayed at Auntie Kendall Jenner's house during the California wildfires. In a new clip from the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian hilariously gets called out by good pal Larsa Pippen for overstaying her welcome at Jenner's house during the Woolsey Fire evacuations. Y'all, Reign Disick peed in Jenner's bed, and Kardashian didn't tell her immediately. The video of Kourtney Kardashian revealing she didn't tell Kendall Jenner Reign peed on her bed is peak Kourtney. She also may have killed Jenner's fish? Yup, time to go back home!

In the short clip, Kardashian and Pippen are hanging out in Jenner's kitchen (which has green cabinets that I'm living for). They're talking about how great it's been living so close to each other while Kardashian and her kids were staying with Jenner. Pippen says she and the kids should stay for another month, but then Kardashian explains that her house is all set and ready to be moved back into after being cleaned post-wildfires. (Her house was not damaged in the fires, but the entire area they live in was affected by the smoke, so air filters needed replacing, carpets needed cleaning, etc.)

Then they noticed Jenner's pet fish looked like it was dead, and that got them talking about the mishaps they inadvertently caused in Jenner's house.

"Wait, the other day Kendall… she's like, 'There's no more vegetable oil,'" Kardashian said to Pippen. "And I'm like, 'Vegetable oil? We don't even use vegetable oil.'" After doing some investigating, Kardashian explained, it turned out that a family dinner that included Kim, Kanye, Kris Jenner, and other family members was the vegetable oil culprit. The chef who made the dinner had used it all.

"I was like, 'This was not me!'" Kardashian said.

"But she hasn't hit you up about the mattress yet?" Pippen responded. Wait, what mattress? What are you talking about, Larsa?!

Apparently, Reign Disick peed in Kendall Jenner's bed, and at the time this clip was filmed, Kardashian hadn't told her sister about it. Girl.

"No," Kardashian said back. "Do you think she's going to?"

"1,000%," Pippen said. Um, yeah! If I noticed there was a mysterious pee stain on my mattress that wasn't there before my family stayed with me, I'd definitely press my sister about it and ask if it was her kid. Duh.

"When she finds out Reign peed in that bed, she needs a new mattress," Pippen said. (LOL at rich people just buying a new mattress instead of cleaning it.)

"No, but in the beginning, she was really excited for me to stay," Kardashian said. I'm not sure if she's implying that Jenner might not care that her nephew peed on her mattress (which she def will) or debating whether to reveal this information to her (which she definitely should). "She was like, 'I hate being alone. I love that you guys are here. Please come.'"

Then Pippen knocked some sense into her.

"You know what they say, right? Like, fish and guests are good for about 3 to 4 days," she said. "After that they both start to smell. You totally overstayed your welcome." Yup, she just about summed that up!

Then they realized the fish, which they thought was alive earlier in the clip, was, in fact, dead.

"You killed the f*cking fish, too?"

She killed the f*cking fish, too. Sounds like Kourtney and Kompany won't be back at Auntie Kendall's for a while.