Kit Harington Reveals The Big Reason He Hasn't Cut His Jon Snow Hair Yet

by Ani Bundel
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Harington Hair Watch 2018 continues! When fans of Jon Snow last checked in, actor Kit Harington (who has spent nearly a decade in the role) had declared he could not wait to finish filming Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Finally, after years of a specifically mandated haircut, he could wear his locks however he liked. And yet, Game of Thrones Season 8 wrapped filming almost two months ago, at the beginning of July. But Kit Harington hasn't cut his Jon Snow hair. What gives?

Some fans theorized since Harington didn't have a new role lined up yet, he didn't know how his hair would be mandated next. It is, after all, easier to cut one's hair for a role than grow it back out in a hurry. Since Harington's hair is long right now, it's just easier to keep it this way.

Another reason could be the recognition factor. One of the things about being an actor looking to get a role is casting agents have this idea of what you look like based on your on-screen work. When an agent books an actor because a director and casting agent asked for them, and the actor doesn't show up looking as they envisioned, it could be the kiss of death for landing the part. (This is one of the reasons Emilia Clarke dyed her hair this past year.)

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But according to Harington, there's actually a much simpler reason his hair is still the length it is. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said when it comes to shows like Game of Thrones, "wrapping filming" doesn't necessarily mean its over. Like Marvel movies and Star Wars, there are reshoots to consider.

We just finished filming. You can’t tell because I look exactly the same. They own me; they’ve just kept me like this.

And besides, once freedom comes, he's not really sure what to do. Talking to Refinery 29, he said:

I haven’t been allowed to touch it for years. It’s going to be weird, because it becomes part of your look as an actor. It’s strange to think now that I can change it. Do I want to change it? Am I going to change it? I don’t know.

At least he admits his earlier comments were hasty. He joked: "That’s what I’ve learned from this. Just make a statement, then backtrack. Keep everyone confused.”


He did reveal, though, there was a reason for the change in how he wore it on the show last year, which will carry over into Season 8.

They wanted me to look more like Ned Stark. There’s a real reason behind [my hairstyle], to show how the story was evolving.

Perhaps this is a sign of how Game of Thrones Season 8 will end. The series began with Ned Stark, the righteous hero. After seven seasons of the world desperately in chaos since his beheading, having a new Ned Stark figure rise will put Westeros back together again.

Fans will have to wait to find out. Game of Thrones Season 8 returns to HBO in 2019.