Kendall Jenner's "Twin" Kirby Reveals Why He's Finally Stepping Into The Spotlight

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It's been nearly 15 years since the Kardashian-Jenner family took over E! and became household names. Over the years, fans have followed the KarJenner sisters through their most important life moments. In fact, they've watched everything play out so closely, any longtime fan would scoff at the idea of there being a secret Jenner in the family they've never heard of. Well, meet Kirby Jenner, Kendall's "fraternal twin".

If you haven't heard of Kirby, you're not alone. He's actually a performance artist who started a parody Instagram account in 2015 where he declared himself Kendall's fraternal twin and self-imposed himself into photos and videos of the model to really sell it. Fast-forward five years: Kirby has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, and momager Kris Jenner and his faux-twin Kendall figured out a way to make the not-so-real member of their family a reality star, too.

They're executive producing Kirby's self-titled reality show, which premiered on Quibi on Sunday, May 24, and the man behind Kirby is committed to his role. He doesn't break character no matter what the circumstances are — not even for an interview with Elite Daily.

Kirby tells me the time was right to step into the spotlight — even if it wasn't totally his decision. "It was actually my mom's idea," he says. "I wasn't really thinking about doing a reality show, and I just remember she approached me one day ... I hadn't really thought about it very much then my mom was, like, 'No, like the contract is already signed. You're doing the reality show.'"

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Kris, of course, also provided some very momager-like advice. "I remember one of the things she said on the first day of filming was, 'Don't f*ck this up,'" Kirby says. "Which sounds intimidating, but like, it was actually really good advice. My mom is such a great executive producer. She's done this before and she's a total pro."

While Kirby says there's "no one better" than Kris in showbiz, he admits she can also be super intense when it comes to business ventures.

"She's kind of strong and commanding," Kirby says. "Like when she asked me if I wanted to do [this show] and then said, 'Well, actually, you are doing it. I've decided for you.' We have this unspoken rule in my family that when mom has a business idea for you, you should do it, and this time was no different."

Kirby's love for Kris will shine through in the show. Check out this exclusive clip from the show where the KarJenner siblings are planning a party for Kris, and Kirby throws some interesting ideas into the mix.

Kirby says it's not just Kris who he has a close bond with. "I love everyone in the fam equally, except Kendall," he says. "I love her the most."

Though Kendall has been crushing the biggest fashion runways in the world for years, Kirby says he's not intimidated by her. "It's funny because everyone knows them as, you know, the Kardashians and this world-famous family. But I just know her as my sister Kendall," Kirby says. "Kendall and I are super close. We do everything together ... She knows me better than I know myself ... She's just the best."

While the show may be a parody, the Kardashians are excited for the world to get to know their "bro."

Kirby Jenner is available to stream on Quibi now.