Watch North & Saint Dancing At Kanye's Movie Screening, Because It's Cute AF

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kanye West's Jesus Is King documentary screening was graced by more than the holy spirit this weekend. West's daughter North is a consistent muse. However, this past Sunday, she was joined by her little bro Saint, and I'm dying from an adorable overload now. Kim Kardashian's video of North and Saint dancing at Kanye West's movie screening is just so cute.

Kanye West has routinely held his special Sunday Service in Calabasas, California. Now, he's planning to release a Sunday Service-inspired album called Jesus Is King. It was set for a Sept. 27, 2019, release, but it's been delayed... twice. More on that later.

In lieu of its release, West held three screening parties for fans and, of course, North being a regular on-stage performer at Sunday Service, took the stage at his New York City screening on Sunday, Sept. 29, in NYC.

She didn't take the stage alone, though. Saint was there as backup. Ok, so they did not officially perform, but the kids adorably entertained their mom, and now me, and probably you now, because how can you resist those pint-sized shadows trying to cut a rug? North looks to be attempting a few body rolls while Saint hits a front-to-back two-step. Get it, kiddos!

It's a shame this cute clip doesn't have any music because I'm ready to join. As I mentioned before, the listening party was a bit of a consolation for West missing his own Jesus Is King release date. Instead, he offered the crowd a sneak peek of the album art and a big visual surprise, in that he will also be releasing Jesus Is King movie in IMAX. There's a possibility it could be released the same day as the album. You see, the Jesus Is King IMAX experience is slated for a Friday, Oct. 25, launch, and since West missed his Sept. 27 release, a simultaneous drop would make logical sense. But Kanye will do Kanye so, don't quote me.

Jesus Is King IMAX documentary was filmed over the course of summer 2019, according to Entertainment Weekly. The film will essentially bring West's Sunday Service to theaters and viewers around the world, because Kim Kardashian's social media shares aren't enough. Kidding! But seriously, the film will showcase a very special edition of West's Sunday Service, which was filmed in the Roden Crater, described as "a never-before-seen art installation in Arizona’s Painted Desert created by visionary artist James Turrell." As for the film's music, it will also feature gospel renditions of West's most popular tracks, as well as songs from Jesus Is King.

Even though West held a listening party for his ninth studio album, it's very much incomplete. According to Sept. 30 Rolling Stone report, the album has got some drum issues, is missing collaborations, and has an evolving tracklist. "The names of songs have changed, the order of tracks are rearranged — but it seems it’s firmly set at ten songs," reported the outlet.

Yikes, sounds like there is much to be done, so I'd advise fans not to expect a drop anytime soon. At least fans have an IMAX experience to look forward to. Yay!