Kim K Is Wearing White Leather Chaps During Quarantine, Because What Else Is There To Do?

Pierre Suu/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Most people have been stocking up on loungewear, buying slippers and new sweatpants, and generally staying in comfy clothes throughout their days in quarantine. I know I am. But if you’re getting a little tired of wearing pajamas every day, Kim Kardashian has the latest quarantine look literally no one else would have considered. Ditch your joggers and consider wearing Kardashian’s white, leather, assless chaps to shake-up your next Zoom meeting. (OK, maybe don’t do that.) Because what else is there to do?

In a photo carousel posted to her Instagram on May 20, Kardashian posed in front of a shiny, silver car in a white bra top, white bottoms, clear heels, a long blonde wig, and white, leather, assless chaps. “All dressed up with nowhere to go,” read her caption, which is fair because I wouldn’t exactly think of her ‘fit as a casual grocery store look, TBH. But, as far as the pants go, she made some points. Though leather isn’t exactly the most comfortable of fabrics, especially in hot weather, the loose fit and snaps up the leg do make me wonder if I need to consider assless chaps for my next walk around the neighborhood.

Sure, my dressing up in quarantine has only involved putting in my hoop earrings so far, but glamming it up once in a while not only breaks up the monotony of being in the same space every day, it can actually make you feel more motivated and put you in a better mood, California-based psychotherapist Jennifer Musselman told Refinery29. Who knows? Maybe Kardashian is in the mood for some self-care. Currently, the reality TV star is quarantining with her four kids, may or may not need some space from Kanye, is releasing new SKIMS products, and is still pursuing her law degree, so she probably wanted a glamorous moment to herself. Besides, a self-timer photo shoot is a great alone-time activity.

This isn’t the first photo shoot Kardashian’s had on her own while sheltering in place. On May 19, the business mogul shared a SKIMS photo series on Instagram that she shot entirely on Photo Booth. (Talk about a throwback.) Otherwise, she’s mostly been sharing family selfies, one-off selfies, and photos shot presumably before quarantine began. Maybe the uptick in this ~glamorous~ content means fans can expect more photo shoots to work their way into Kardashian’s routine.

Regardless of the reason Kardashian wore this outfit, I’m at least partially convinced that assless chaps will be the next, big summer look. I mean, aren’t all rules off anyway?