Uh, This Reported Update On Kim & Kanye Is Low-Key Concerning

by Candice Jalili
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Does quarantining with your partner have you jonesing for some alone time? Well, you're not the only one. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly on May 13, Kim Kardashian reportedly “needs space” from Kanye West after having been in quarantine with him and their four children for months now. “Kim feels like she needs some space from Kanye,” the source reportedly told Us Weekly. Apparently, West isn't stepping up to the plate when it comes to helping out with the kids. “She is trying to be a great mom, focus on law school and her work commitments, and it’s hard to do all of this without Kanye helping as much as he can," the source reportedly shared. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for both West and Kardashian for comment on these claims but did not hear back in time for publication).

And that's not all! Kardashian has also reportedly been annoyed by West's allegedly "super controlling" personality. “Kim’s been feeling as though he’s been trying to impose his views on her life,” the source reportedly claimed to Us Weekly.

Kimye fans, no need to fret. The source made it clear this is reportedly nothing but a bump in the road for the A-list couple, who've been married for six years. “They’ve had more time together to talk about their feelings, about the kids, her law career goals and his business ideas,” the source reportedly explained. “She’s trying to keep her family together, especially for the kids’ sake.”

Ricky Vigil M/GC Images/Getty Images

On April 29, Us Weekly first broke the news that Kardashian and West were reportedly having some trouble in paradise while quarantining. “Kim and Kanye have been arguing a lot during the quarantine,” a source reportedly told the publication at the time, noting that the rapper and designer has apparently been more focused "on creating” than helping Kardashian with the kids. “Kanye is really getting on Kim’s nerves.”

If "Kanye is really getting on Kim's nerves" is not the most relatable sentence ever than what is?