Kim K's Video Of Chicago Playing With A Snake Is Cute & Scary At The Same Time

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With Kim Kardashian's sticky history with snakes, I'm surprised she let her baby daughter go near one. (Yup, that sure is a deep cut throwback to all the Taylor Swift and Kanye West drama. No, this article isn't about that at all, but, come on. Fans were making that connection on their own, right?) Anyway... Kim Kardashian's video of Chicago playing with a snake is super adorable and also a little chill-inducing — aka, kickass Instagram content.

Prior to Chi's video popping up on Wednesday, Aug. 21, Kim posted a few other photos of her adorable kids. I suspect the influx of sibling time came courtesy of the Bahamas vacation Kim, Khloé, and family friend Lala were currently enjoying at the time of publication. Plus, it would also give some context to the exotic animal petting zoo moment.

In the video, 17-month old Chicago is holding a live snake around her neck as if it's a winter scarf. At first I was like, "There's no way Kim, the woman who repels all things creepy and crawly, would let her baby girl anywhere near a real live snake." Then the damn thing stuck its tongue out and I was like, "Oh shit. Yes she did." At one point, it even looks like Chi is considering putting the snake's whole head in her mouth or kissing it on its creepy little snake lips. In the background of the video a man can be heard stating, "Look at Chi-Chi."

Straight up. Look at Chi-Chi.

Kardashian West captioned the photo, "My brave girl Chicago 🐍," which feels like the understatement of the year. Aunt KoKo sounded off in the comments, too, writing, "She’s crazy! Look how she’s looking at his face. Omg 😮 ... I love my brave girl." The post gained nearly 5 million likes in just five hours.

So... I guess I have a few questions like: What kind of liability insurance must this snake company have to feel confident enough to pass literal Kim Kardashian West's literal baby girl a literal live snake? These are the types of questions we should be asking, people!

Obviously, if Chicago is phased by this snake or, like, anything, you would never know it. While fans have gotten used to mama Kim posting North West serving attitude, Chicago is noticeably cool as a cucumber anytime she pops up. In fact, two days before the snake extravaganza, Chicago popped up next to her cousin True in Khloé Kardashian's Instagram feed enjoying some grade A snacks like a total boss.

In the picture, Chicago and True dined out on Cheetos and Veggie Straws in, perhaps, the most relatable photo ever shared by a Kardashian/Jenner. Khloé jokingly dubbed some conversation over the pictures in her caption, writing, "Chi: I heard my mama say 'vacation calories don’t count' True: Don’t tell me twice Chi."

A Bahamas trip where the snacks are free and the snakes don't bite? That's one hell of a vacation.

Stay cool out there, Chicago. We all want to be just like you when we grow up.