Kim Kardashian steps out with her sister Kourtney.

Twitter Is Dragging Kim K HARD For "Bragging" About Her 14 Friesian Horses

Marc Piasecki/GC Images/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is in hot water with fans for flaunting her wealth. It's no secret Kim K and her family are living the high life. Kardashian's Calabasas mansion, designer outfits, and epic vacations all exude luxury, but fans felt like one of her new tweets bordered on bragging. In a photo, she showed off North West's personal horse, before revealing they have 13 more where that came from. After seeing Kim Kardashian's tweet "bragging" about her 14 friesian horses, fans gave one big collective eye roll.

North turned 7 years old on June 15, and Kardashian has been busy sharing memories from her party. North had a picturesque nature-filled birthday this year when her parents whisked her away to Wyoming. In one photo from the trip, North was seen standing next to a gorgeous black horse.

"Meet North’s Freesian [sic] horse. We have 14 gorgeous Freesians [sic] on the ranch," Kim tweeted. However, fans felt the message was tone-deaf.

"Brag brag brag!!!! You're always trying to look like having more is what's important in life. But it isn't," one person tweeted in response. Another pointed out just how pricey it is to own such a large collection of horses. "The money you paid to buy one of these horses could have fed one or two families of four for a whole year. 50+ people could have eaten. But yay you have 13 extra horses," the fan tweeted.

Many pointed out Kardashian's tweet seemed particularly insensitive amid the current pandemic where many regular people have lost their jobs. "Meet you putting your hoof in your mouth. A record number of people are getting evicted because of the loss of income during the pandemic and you are humble bragging about your 14 horses," one tweeted.

Others pointed out how Kardashian spelled the breed of her horse wrong.

All shade aside, it looked like North had the dreamiest birthday trip. Other highlights from her epic celebration included riding a horse-themed ATV, and a embarking on a go-karting adventure.

As fun as it all looked, Kardashian definitely has been exercising her bragging rights. And while she hasn't responded to the Twitter criticism, seeing as it totally took over the thread, she surely got the memo.