Kim K Clapped Back At Accusations She Didn't Donate To Help Fight The Australian Bushfires

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Unfortunately, the bushfires affecting Australia are still in full force, and, as they become more widespread, fans are asking their favorite celebrities to help spread awareness about the tragedy to their millions of followers. Kim Kardashian is one of the stars who has spoken up about the bushfires, but instead of getting praised by fans, she received backlash for supposedly not donating to efforts to fight the fires. Kim Kardashian's response to accusations she didn't donate to the Australian bushfires relief is a lot.

It all started on Jan. 3, when Kim tweeted, "Climate change is real," along with a broken heart and earth emoji. Fans found her tweet hypocritical, since she often flies on private jets, which negatively impact the environment.

Still, Kim continued to share articles about the Australian bushfires and paid no attention to the negative comments coming her way, but on Jan. 6, one tweet finally made her respond.

"Nothing gets me more heated than to see the Kardashians/Jenners talk about climate change/wildfires & not donate even a penny," someone wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Kim snapped back, writing, "Nothing gets me more heated than to see people think they know what we donated to and to think we have to publicize everything."

Sister Khloé Kardashian chimed in with a few tweets of her own. "We often bring attention to causes and ways you can donate. It’s our job to bring awareness to situations so we all can help as a human race. We Frequently post/speak about organizations/websites where we can all help save our planet," Khloé began. "Good deeds should be done with intention and not for attention. We are all blessed to be able to bless others even if it is in the slightest way. But we do not need to be boastful about that. Be boastful in regards to teaching others how they may be able to help as well."

According to NPR, the Australian bushfires have gotten so widespread they've caused thousands of residents to evacuate, leaving them homeless and without power or cell service. Apart from killing half a billion animals, the bushfires have also made the Australian skies turn a "blood red" color.

Celebrities like Pink, Nicole Kidman, and Keith Urban pledged to donate to fight the fires. Whether they're donating money to the relief or spreading awareness about what's going on, any help from celebrities is needed at a time like this.