Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, North West, and Saint West step out together.

I'm Getting Emotional Over Kim K's New Photos Of North & Saint ~Getting Along~

TheStewartofNY/GC Images/Getty Images

Things are really looking up for North West's relationship with little brother Saint. The siblings may not have always gotten along fabulously in the past, but in a new set of photos, they looked like total besties. Kim Kardashian's photos of North and Saint getting along are the cute content you didn't know you needed.

In case you weren't aware of the ~rocky~ relationship between these two, Kardashian's quotes say it all. In August 2017, she told Ryan Seacrest about the sibling rivalry.

“I don’t know if it’s because she’s the older sister. I don’t know what it is," she said. "I thought it was a phase. She does not like her brother and it’s so hard for me. Her thing is, she thinks she’s outsmarting me. She’ll say, ‘We’re having a tea party, mom. No boys allowed. Dad can’t come too then—no boys!’ And then she’ll slam the door on her brother’s face and he’ll just start crying.”

Kim delved into a little more detail in October 2018 during an appearance on Ashley Graham's podcast, explaining how North simply loves the spotlight.

“North acts like an only child at all times," Kardashian explained. I think she’s a little confused. She’s beyond jealousy now. She’s just like, ‘It’s my world.’ She said to me the other day, ‘Mom…we just need to have another baby brother so that Saint can just leave me alone…so the girls can be on this side of the house and the boys can be on that side of the house.’"

But now, the tides have turned. Just look at these two.

"They get along now" Kim captioned the series of photos. In each pic, North and Saint were absolutely beaming, and definitely looked like they had lots of love for each other. In one pic, they were giggling and pointing at each other.

The siblings have come a long way from North putting a "No boys allowed" sign on her bedroom door at one point (lol), and it's so sweet to see them get closer as they age. Now that they've gotten over their initial rivalry hump, these two are bound to be besties for life.