Kim Kardashian Shared A Photo Of North's Room

Kim K Revealed What North's Room Looks Like & Fans Have Questions

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's minimal monastery is Architectural Digest's new cover star. In the March 2020 issue, fans get a chance to see a full spread of the sparsely-decorated mansion the Kardashian-West family calls home. While most of the house features white-on-white decor, Kim Kardahsian's photos of North's room reveals a total departure from the rest of the home, and fans are pressed.

On Feb. 3, Kardashian shared a few pictures of her home featured in Architectural Digest on her socials. Included was a snap of North's room, and it's surprising, to say the least. The room is completely pink. No, really. The walls, the rug, the mirror, the makeup brushes, the bed, and even the butterfly-shaped headboard is pink. Fans were split on whether they liked the room's theme or not, and proceeded to pose some important questions.

"Are you sure she loves pink or its you who loves pink?" wrote one fan on Twitter.

"Room designed by—Pepto Bismol," tweeted another.

"Was a unicorn murdered in the room?" wrote another on Instagram.

Some fans found North's room unsettling due to its lack of personality and pressed Kardashian further.

"Where is the chair that’s full of clothes to show that someone sleep here??" tweeted another.

"It’s lovely.... but does anyone live in it?" said another fan on Instagram.

Check out the room for yourself on the eighth slide of Kardashian's gallery below:

"No pictures on the wall? No books or crayons? No visual stimulation! I assume that they have a playroom where they can be kids," tweeted one fan.

I hope so. As for the remaining kids' rooms, fans will have to wait and see what monotone masterpiece Kardashian and West cooked up whenever they decide to give fans another peak. I have a feeling that'll be after Kardashian gets through all of these questions about North's room.

This wouldn't be the first time pictures of her home confused fans. Kardashian blew many of her fans' minds when she showcased her basin-less bathroom sink in Vogue's 73 Questions in April 2019.

She eventually got around to explaining it to fans on her Instagram stories.

So just sit back fam. Kardashian may just answer your questions about North's room soon enough.