Kim Kardashian’s McDonald's order includes a side of honey, and people are really upset over it.

Kim Kardashian Dips Her Chicken Nuggets In Honey & Everyone Is Arguing About It

Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images

Some facts about celebrities are best left unsaid, unless you want to incite a social media outcry. Well, McDonald's might not have realized Kim K's eating habits would be the hot topic on Twitter after revealing her go-to order. Apparently, Kim Kardashian's McDonald's order includes a side of honey, so now everyone's arguing about it. The real question is, are you team honey, team barbecue, or something else altogether?

On Thursday, Jan. 30, McDonald's uploaded a fun video to YouTube showcasing what famous people order from Mickey D's. The brand captioned the video, "Everyone has an order. May we take yours? Yes, all featured orders are the person’s actual go-to order. Except Dracula. We made that one up." The video shows McDonald's orders from Kanye West, Kim K, Whoopi Goldberg, Magic Johnson, Millie Bobby Brown, and Keith Urban, plus some fun additions that'll make you laugh. Of course, Julius Caesar would order a Caesar salad, the Big Bag Wolf ordering McRibs seems accurate, and the Hamburglar would obviously have a tray stacked with hamburgers.

TBH, if you aren't paying really close attention, you'd easily miss Kim K's side of honey right next to her order of nuggets. When viewers took notice, it started some arguments on Twitter, and it's pretty much an even split.


@KKWMAFIA started some of the conversation when they posted the video featuring Kim K's order. One user, @colinags, replied to a tweet from @KKWMAFIA, saying, "I gotta try dipping my chicken nuggets in honey," and got a response from Kim K herself.

Kim K said she doesn't know how else to eat her nuggets, and apparently, other people dip their nuggets in honey, too, if you can believe McDonald's.

Someone tried to correct her, thinking she meant honey mustard, and Kim K shut them down so fast:

Yep, some of the replies on Twitter prove that Kim K is not the only one:

But then so many people are arguing that honey on nuggets is just way to much:

Kim K discussed some of her fast food orders back in 2016. Aside from ordering a side of honey with her chicken nuggets, she's also rather particular when she orders from Chipotle, admitting that she only gets rice, chicken, guacamole, and cheese in her Chipotle bowl.

And, big surprise, Kim K revealed her love of chicken nuggets and honey back then, too. Whatever team you're on, I think it's safe to say there are plenty of people on the honey and nuggets team, whether you're here for it or not.