All Hail North West, Mini Queen Of Fashion, As Evidenced By Kim K's Latest Insta


I think that when I tell people North West is my style icon, they tend to assume I'm joking — the thing is, though, I'm really not. North might be young, but she's all about styling bold looks, and she's a master at everything from accessorizing to marrying should-be-clashing prints. In fact, Kim Kardashian's Instagram of North West's outfits from the family's Japan trip shows just how good Northie's sense of style truly is. Will she grow up to be a fashion designer, or the next great stylist to the stars? Who knows; she's still a kid, but I'm here to argue her as a style icon nonetheless.

It's typical for mothers to gush over their childrens' talents, but Kim K isn't alone in thinking North really slays the fashion game. Many of Kardashian's followers request updates on North's outfits, and she's always happy to oblige with a photo or two of her daughter's latest looks. This time around, Kim took to Instagram to share what North wore in Japan, and explained just how involved the 6-year-old is when it comes to her style.

Swipe through the post to see a varity of North's fire ensembles from Japan:

"My Northie girl is the ultimate fashionista! She comes with me to fabric stores and picks out what she likes and for our Japan trip I let her style herself," wrote Kardashian on Instagram, adding "I should have let her style me too lol. She loves it. She’s having fun and I am so happy she’s so expressive." That's seriously so adorable! And the users in the comment section agree. "beauty begins when you decide to be yourself," quoted CGI influencer Noonoouri. "Our precious creative girl!!!!," wrote Grandma, aka Kris Jenner.

If I had access to as many clothes and accessories North, I'd overwhelm myself and look a hot mess. That said, North manages to thrive in excess, always nailing her most heavily-accessorized looks:

Those fluffy lime green wedges. The teal pants. The tie-dye tee with yellow feathers, because of course. And hi, the metallic silver Dior saddlebag that costs more than my entire summer rent. Slay, Northie, slay.

And who can forget this head-to-toe hot pink snakeskin moment? Iconic, even if the boots were a touch too big:

It's not just Kardashian fans hyping up North, though. Even WWD featured her on a special-edition cover:

"Her distinct fashion sense belies her age," WWD wrote on Instagram, "and lately, so does her eye for makeup":

See? Our girl is a real-deal fashionista! And it's safe to assume her personal style will shift and develop as she ages. OMG, can you imagine angsty teenage North's outfits? Or destined-to-be-chic mid-20s North's closet? I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but there's no denying that decades of great looks are soon to come. Until then, though I'm happy to ooh and ahh over the not-frequent-enough North OOTDs posted by Mama Kim. Kim, if you're reading this, as always, the people need more North West!