Kim K Teased The Title & Tracklist For Kanye West's Next Album

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yeezy Season may very well be upon us, fam. A not-so-subtle tweet dropped from his inner circle (read: his wife) seems like the dawn of new music is coming sooner than later. You see, Kim Kardashian teased Kanye West's new album title and tracklist over Twitter and the internet is going in. Mostly because we can't tell if this is a false alarm or not.

Here's what's going down: On Aug. 29, Kardashian shared a photo of what looks like an album name and tracklist. The album name is Jesus Is King and it's chock-full of religious-sounding titles, like "God Is," "Baptized," and "Sweet Jesus." So, the internet is wondering if a gospel album is West's next move. Truly, it wouldn't be a terrible idea. Let's not forget one of West's biggest breakout tracks was 2004's "Jesus Walks," which peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned West a Grammy for Best Rap Song.

Currently, West puts that same creative juice towards his Sunday Services, where he rehashes his own songs and other Top 40 hits, as religious "remixes." They sound poppin', to say the least. At this point, a Sunday Service album only seems right. Though, there are some fans who believe the new album may be the long-awaited Yandhi, which West teased in September 2018.

He wrote, "we’re releasing Yandhi Saturday night. We know it will come in number 2 to my brother Lil Wayne and that’s lovely. The universe needs Ye and Wayne music at the same time." However, the album was postponed.

Now, there are also some fans who don't believe the Jesus Is King tweet means much at all, and that's because Kardashian hasn't been the most reliable source for Kanye music news in the past. After West postponed Yandhi in September 2018, Kardashian tweeted in October 2018 that the album would be out the following month, writing, "Nov 23 Black Friday YANDHI TRUST ME it is worth the wait."

But, it never came. Good thing I didn't hold my breath. Obviously, some fans are still a little salty about the whole ordeal.

"You said this last year Kim," wrote one fan with a hilarious stone-faced Kanye gif. "Kimothy please I cannot handle the disappointment and HURT I have from the last time," wrote another fan. "Foreal this time? You promise?" asked another.

Lol. Hmmm, to believe or not to believe...?

I guess it doesn't hurt to hope that this new album is Yandhi in a new form. Although, some fans have other theories (other than Kardashian's track record) as to why this new album is probably not Yandhi.

"'Yandhi' is probably dead, just like 'Turbo Grafix,' 'Good Ass Job,' 'Cruel Winter'.... I'm sure there is more," wrote one fan. "Just listen to the leak, accept its death and be hyped for more music."

Ouch! Did he have to hit me with the receipts so dang hard? Regardless of whether the new record is Yandhi or the official soundtrack to Sunday Service, the Jesus Is King tracklist is here and it's as follows:

  1. "Glade"
  2. "Garden"
  3. "Selah"
  4. "God Is"
  5. "Baptized"
  6. "Sierra Canyon"
  7. "Hands On"
  8. "Wake The Dead"
  9. "Water"
  10. "Through The Valley"
  11. "Sunday Sweet Jesus"

At the bottom of the list is what I'm assuming is a release date. It is Sept. 27. Set your calendars fam, but for health reasons, don't hold your breath.