Kim K Apparently Sprays Perfume On Her Belly Button & The Reason Is Kind Of Weird

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I know I'm not Kris Jenner, which means I don't make the rules, but I just learned Kim Kardashian puts perfume on her belly button, and it feels a little too extra, even for Kim. Thanks to the release of her new KKW fragrances, we've been getting schooled on perfume etiquette by Kardashian for a few weeks now, and this latest tip is a doozy.

As part of her app and website, Kardashian revealed some cool tips and tricks on how to make your perfume last long and keep your bod smelling great. And yup, it involves your belly button. Kardashian explained,

To make a scent last even longer, it's important to apply the perfume to pulse points on your body. Pulse points are anywhere on the body that you can feel a heartbeat. Applying perfume to these areas will activate the top notes in a fragrance when the area is warmed by blood flow. The more heat an area attracts, the more it will give off the scent.

It's kind of gross to think about the warmest parts of our bodies also being the smelliest, but I see her point.

She goes on to break down where the best parts of your body are to apply perfume, beginning with the navel:

Although the belly button isn't commonly thought of as a pulse point, it is! It radiates heat, so applying perfume here will give off your signature scent all day long. The inward shape of the belly button also captures the scent and creates a perfect place for application.

I don't know, Kim. Maybe speak for yourself.

I wouldn't say my belly button is the perfect place for perfume application. It's more like... hmm... a thing that exists despite my best efforts to pretend I don't even have a torso and that I'm actually just one giant set of eyelashes walking around in ankle booties. Anyone else feel me?

Kardashian also says places like behind your knees and on your elbows are great options to spritz a little fragrance. Also, while your hair isn't a pulse point, it does make for a great area to add extra perfume oomph.

She says,

Even though hair isn't a pulse point, this area shouldn't be ignored when applying a fragrance. For an all-day scent, spray hair with perfume and rake your fingers through to the ends, evenly distributing the product. As your hair moves, you'll be able to smell the fragrance.

Honestly? Whatever you say, Kim.

We know she's a scent expert thanks to how insanely well her three KKW fragrances have been selling. All the perfumes have a gardenia flower base and come in the scents Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus, and Crystal Gardenia Oud.

Kardashian spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her surprising inspiration for the fragrance line. She said,

The bottle looks like a crystal. And, after my whole Paris situation over a year ago, all of my friends would come over and bring me healing crystals. And, I thought 'wow.' I love having them in my home. I love what they mean, and I actually feel really calm. And so, Gardenia also makes me feel calm. That's my favorite flower. It's my favorite scent. So I thought my favorite things, the things that are the most precious to me right now, and what's important in life, is just to be like totally calm and safe and feel like I'm going through this healing process.

OK, we're sold.

Buy it up, spray it on, ask strangers to sniff your belly button. Repeat.

Check out her website or scoop up the Kim Kardashian West app to get more info, tips, and insider deets like this.

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