Kim K Is Out Here Playing Taylor's 'Lover' At A Photo Shoot, Y'all

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian have a complicated relationship to say the least, and things just got more interesting in their famous saga. While the two have publicly been on the outs since 2016, a recent Instagram video has sparked speculation that the former friends could be back on good terms. Kim Kardashian played Taylor Swift's "Lover" at a photo shoot and the internet is now shook.

Kardashian posted a series of behind-the-scenes Instagram Stories from a photo shoot on Friday, Nov. 1, and "Lover" could be heard loud and clear in the background, so, obviously, fans freaked out. If you need a quick recap of how their feud began here it is: Kardashian released footage of Swift seemingly giving Kanye West approval to sing not-so-nice lyrics about her on his hit song "Famous" after she publicly denied signing off on the tune.

Was it a coincidence? Could the hard feelings be put in the past after all these years? What does this all mean? While I don't have the answer, Twitter users have a wide variety of thoughts.

"Kim Kardashian listening to 'Lover' by Taylor Swift during a photo shoot today gives me hope, you guys," one hopeful fan tweeted. Another wrote: "Did anyone notice Kim was playing Lover in the background??? Does this mean the [feud] is over???? I hope so!"

Check out the footage for yourself below!

I hate to be a negative Nelly, but let's be serious for a second. "Lover" has actively been playing on most radio stations since it was released in August 2019, so I personally think the love song just so happened to be on when the clips were snapped, but what do I know?

But if a truce between Kardashian and Swift did, in fact, take place, Selena Gomez has nothing to feel bad about after sparking basklash last week when she praised Kardashian's shapewear brand, SKIMS, on Instagram. After Swift's BFF came under fire from fans for showing off her SKIMS, Gomez quickly deleted the post and replaced it with a tribute about her loyalty to the "You Need To Calm Down" singer.

"My ride or die. I would die for this one," Gomez captioned a selfie with Swift, after being called out for her SKIMS post. "Thank you for forever being by my side. You have taught me so much, walked through all of this with me, STAYED and you remind me to be a better, human being. I'm on your side for life."

This is all a lot to take in on a Monday. Fans can only hope Kardashian and Swift have finally moved past the drama.