Kiernan Shipka & Christian Coppola's Relationship Timeline Is Bewitching

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sabrina Spellman may have ended up with Nick Scratch at the end of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (and no, I don't want to talk about that series finale), but IRL, Sabrina's heart belongs to someone else. Kiernan Shipka and Christian Coppola's relationship timeline is a bit of a mystery, but the two have reportedly been together since at least July 2019, when they attended the Fendi Couture fashion show in Rome (and later shared some v cute pics from the event on Instagram). The maybe-couple has yet to confirm dating rumors themselves, but their many loved-up IG posts have me feeling pretty convinced they're the real deal.

Coppola (who's a "distant relative" of the famous Hollywood Coppola family, per Variety) is a director with a pretty impressive group of A-list friends, including Cole and Dylan Sprouse, who make frequent appearances on Coppola's IG grid. Though it's unclear if the director has been in any other serious relationships, Shipka reportedly dated Gary Oldman's son, Charlie, before sparking rumors with Coppola.

During a November 2018 interview with Seventeen, Kiernan said she was too busy to date at the moment, but it seems to me she's found time to romance Coppola. Here's everything I know about their ✨bewitching✨ relationship.

Shipka Made Her First Appearance On Coppola's IG In March 2018

Though it's unclear when or how they met, Shipka first appeared on Coppola's IG grid in March 2018, when he posted a pic of the actor eating a burger with the caption, "Kiernan, former vegan." He also shared a mushy post in October 2018 after CAOS dropped on Netflix.

"Had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful set over the summer and am still in awe of how hard this girl works," he captioned the pic. "Shadowing her during overnight shoots and watching how dedicated she is to bringing this character to life was both exhilarating and refreshing, and it inspired me to work harder myself. Bravo Kiernan and bravo @netflix for giving this role to the most deserving actress out there who also happens to be one of the most kind and compassionate people I've ever come across (in Hollywood and real life as well). Without you there is no Sabrina." Aww!

Coppola Made His First Appearance On Shipka's IG In April 2019

Coppola didn't make his first appeared on Kiernan's IG page until April 2019, and awkwardly enough, Kiernan's maybe-then-boyfriend Charlie Oldman was also in the pic. That same month, Coppola shot a fun Netflix promo with Shipka and her CAOS co-stars Ross Lynch and Gavin Leatherwood.

They Went To Rome In July 2019

Coppola and Shipka first sparked dating rumors when they attended the Fendi show in Rome together in July 2019, especially after Shipka posted a pic from the event on Instagram, which she captioned, "MY LOVE." Coppola posted his own pics and videos from the trip as well, including this swoon-worthy vid of Shipka twirling in a red dress.

They Wore Watching Halloween Costumes In October 2019

On Halloween in 2019, the maybe-couple donned matching devil costumes, and Shikpa shared a selfie showing off their looks on IG along with a devil emoji. Coppola also posted a mirror pic with Shipka, which he captioned, "Can't wait to burn in hell with you."

Shipka Said The "L-Word" In November 2019

During her 20th birthday celebration, Shipka and Coppola snapped a cute shot in the photo booth, which Shipka later shared on IG with the caption, "i love you @ccopp."

They Celebrated Coppola's Birthday In December 2020

Though Shipka didn't make many appearances on Coppola's IG grid throughout 2020, Shipka posted plenty of cute couple's pics, like when she told Coppola to "come home" in March, and when she snapped a car selfie with Coppola in April, and when they wore colorful matching ensembles together in November. In December, she shared a pic in honor of Coppola's birthday, and soon after, Coppola posted a hilarious series of photos in which Shipka channeled various characters from The Sopranos.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm fully convinced these two are an item.