Khloé K Went OFF On Twitter Defending Malika & Khadijah For Helping Tristan

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian often uses her Twitter to bond with fans and share words of wisdom. However, on Tuesday, Dec. 4, Kardashian used social media to stand up for her friends after they helped Tristan Thompson surprise her with a diamond necklace in the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Khloé Kardashian's tweets defending Malika and Khadijah Haqq are true BFF goals.

It all started after Kardashian noticed Malika and Khadijah were getting backlash on Twitter following the Sunday, Dec. 1, episode of KUWTK. In it, the sisters coordinated with Thompson to help him get the jewelry delivered to Kardashian's hotel room in Connecticut.

"It's from Tristan," Malika told Kardashian, who was stunned by the present. "He asked for help to surprise you with something."

While Kardashian beamed with joy at the gesture and thanked Thompson over FaceTime, many viewers were quick to share their disapproval.

"Tristan cheated on khloe twice and here is malika trying to force them back together. lol what kind of friend is that?!" one Twitter user wrote. Another added: "So I’m watching KUWTK and Malika and Khadija helped Tristan surprise Khloe with a gift. I’m so confused. If my friends helped someone who caused me so much stress get access to me, I would literally never speak to them again."

Kardashian wasn't entertaining the debate, and jumped in to defend her pals.

"I keep seeing people criticizing my best friends," Kardashian started the series of tweets. "My best friends would never do anything to hurt me. I can say that with full confidence! You guys don’t know the entire story."

Kardashian went on to urge people to "stop talking about" her friends. "Focus on your own lives, which I’m pretty sure is NOT perfect," she wrote. "People love to have an opinion when they’re behind a computer screen. I’m fine with opinions. Just make sure you live the life you so quickly judge others about."

In response to a since-deleted tweet, Kardashian wrote, "Any person with a little bit of education would know that no entire story can be told in 44 minutes. Yes it’s a version-of course it’s not every layer. Just like when you see someone on Instagram you can’t assume that’s a picture perfect life. You would be a fool to believe that."

Kardashian didn't just focus on the negative tweets, though. After one fan shared their love for her, she had the perfect reply.

The future for Kardashian and Thompson is uncertain after their rough past, but the reality star has made it loud and clear she's staying loyal to Malika and Khadijah.