Khloé K's Reason For Letting Tristan Thompson Into The Delivery Room After Cheating Is Wise

by Hollee Actman Becker
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I'll admit it: Until I saw last night's episode of Keeping Up With Kardashians, I really didn't get why Khloé was still with Tristan Thompson. Like, he cheated on you while you were you were nine months pregnant, girl... run! But the explanation behind why KoKo was so forgiving was finally revealed on KUWTK's most recent ep, and you know what? Khloe Kardashian's reason for letting Tristan into the delivery room — and back into her life — is actually such a mature and touching one that I'm totally sold. You go right ahead and do you, mama! Because like Mahatma Gandhi once said: "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." And no one is stronger than Khloé, apparently.

OK, so here's what went down on the Nov. 18 episode of KUWTK. Khloé went into labor shortly after video footage of the Cleveland Cavaliers star was released showing him seemingly kissing other women. But despite being disgusted and heartbroken, the mom-to-be chose to let Thompson hang out with her fam in the delivery room and hold her hand while she gave birth to their daughter, True. I know, I know. I was so confused, too. But Khloe's reasoning is super solid, you guys!

Here's what she said on the show:

This is something that I've waited for my entire life. I don't want to take away anything from this moment. And I have always been a believer of 'Don't make permanent decisions off temporary emotions." I want Tristan here with me. I want to experience this magical moment. And I want this for me, and my daughter — and for him, at the end of the day. And I'm mature enough to say that. I'm mature enough to put my personal feelings aside.

And here's what she said while live-tweeting the episode:

Regardless of what Tristan did to me, I was never going to take that moment away from True or Tristan. She should not be punished for his actions. He is her father and they both deserve to love one another as deeply as they possibly can.

Wow. Way to be a total warrior, Khloé!

Of course, not everyone was as forgiving as Khloé, and Kim K sticking her tongue out behind Thompson's back in the delivery room was all of us.

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For the record, I have never loved Kim more! And of course, Khloé live-tweeted about this moment, too:

It's even better in video form, so please watch:

Honestly? These guys are all so lucky to have each other. I love how loyal Kim is here, and I also love how she later comes around after her convo with Kourtney. The oldest sib was way more sympathetic to Khloé's decision to keep Thompson around, because you know, Scott Disick.

"She should give it a chance, if that’s what makes her feel best for her family," Kourt told Kim. "I’ve been there."

"Like, that’s not realistic,” Kim replied.

But then Kourtney explained that "it takes a lot more strength to hang in there and try for your family than to just walk away," and Kim finally relented.

"Whatever makes her happy," she told Kourt. "I’ll stay out of the way."

Tune in next Sunday, Nov. 25, to see if Kim makes good on her word.