This KFC Chain Changed Their Logo In A Major Way For International Women's Day

by Collette Reitz

It's not unusual to come across a variety of celebrations of women on International Women's Day. The day recognizing the achievements of women and the continuing fight for gender equity is celebrated worldwide on March 8. As the day's popularity grows, it seems like every corner of society is getting in on the act of honoring women in one way or another. KFC Malaysia's International Women's Day logo with Claudia Sanders is a unique and powerful tribute.

You've heard the quote before that goes, "Behind every successful man, there stands a woman." Well, Kentucky Fried Chicken is doing their best to shine a light on that woman when it comes to Colonel Sanders and KFC. On Thursday, March 8, 2018, Colonel Sanders' wife Claudia Sanders is the face of KFC Malaysia across all social media and digital platforms, according to Marketing Watch.

This honor comes as a way of telling Claudia's story and tracing her impact on the company that is so well known for its famous fried chicken. The KFC website shared that KFC would not be possible without Claudia's efforts. Sharing some insight into her specific duties, the website stated,

While the Colonel created the secret recipe and ran the company, Mrs. Sanders mixed and even shipped the spices to restaurants across the country — often late into the night.

Colonel Sanders and Claudia's partnership is not usually at the forefront of the brand's messaging, but KFC Malaysia is taking the opportunity on International Women's Day to share the invaluable contributions of Claudia to the KFC brand.

As you well know, the KFC figurehead is not the stuff of folklore. In fact, the Sanders couple first met back in 1930 when Claudia worked as a waitress in the Colonel's restaurant, according to the New Straits Times. The couple married in 1948, and Claudia shared later in her life that those years were filled with shared responsibility when it came to creating the famed friend chicken and KFC brand.

In a 1991 interview cited by the paper, Claudia revealed that her task was centered on making sure that KFC franchises received the correct ingredients — since it is a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, after all. She explained, "While (The Colonel) was out selling, I was home doing the work."

KFC Malaysia's effort to highlight the valuable contributions of Claudia to the brand is the first step in the brand recognizing the contributions of all women working for KFC Malaysia. In an email from KFC Malaysia to Elite Daily, a KFC spokesperson said,

The recognition of Claudia Sanders on International Women's Day is also dedicated to celebrating every KFCer whose ideas, hard work, and passion contribute to making our organization stronger.

Marketing Magazine reported that more than half of the KFC Malaysia employees are women, according to Merrill Pereyra, CEO Restaurant Division of QSR Brands.

Marketing Week shared that Pereyra also had a message of thanks and continuing support for the women of KFC Malaysia. In a heartfelt message, Pereyra said, "To all women of KFC and the world out there, we would like to say that your future is always bright, equal, safe and rewarding."

Women have been at the forefront of KFC's message lately as the brand recently revealed Reba McEntire as the first female Colonel Sanders in January, per USA Today. McEntire is the 11th person to don the famous costume, but she is the first woman to share the likeness of Colonel Sanders.

KFC isn't the only fast food chain switching up to honor International Women's Day. McDonald's is flipping its iconic arches upside down to honor the day on March 8. Similar to Claudia's presence, the change will be seen on the chain's digital platforms. The flipped arches are supposed to pay tribute to the accomplishments of women.

International Women's Day has seen many various tributes throughout its long history, and KFC Malaysia's tribute to Claudia Sanders is an important reminder that you don't have to look far to see the invaluable contributions of women today — and every day.