Keystone Light's free rent sweepstakes for July 2020 goes until June 12.

Keystone Light Will Pay Your July 2020 Rent With This Sweet Giveaway

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Paying rent every month is one of the biggest budget expenses for many people. During these uncertain times, Keystone Light is back to help ease a bit of that financial burden for 25 lucky individuals this summer by offering up over $30,000 in prize money. Here's how to enter Keystone Light's free rent sweepstakes for July 2020 to help your bank account breathe a little easier going into patio season.

Fans might remember the Colorado-based beer company gave away a year's worth of free rent money to 13 individuals in August 2019. This year, they're aiming to help up to 25 people by covering their rent for the month of July. The free rent sweepstakes, which runs from Tuesday, May 26, through Friday, June 12, at midnight CT, doesn't require any purchase to enter and will randomly award entrants $1,250 to put towards their July expenses.

To enter, you'll first need to be at least 21 years old and reside in the United States. Unfortunately, residents in Alabama, Indiana, Maryland, Maine, Vermont, and West Virginia aren't eligible for the prize. You can then head to anytime during the entry period and fill out the form with your name, your email address, your zip code, and the keyword "KEYSTONE." You'll then be taken to a separate page where you'll be prompted to fill out your address and your phone number, which the company will use to contact you if you're one of the lucky winners. Make sure to use the address where you want your prize check to be sent should you win.

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Once you agree to the rules and click "submit," you'll automatically be entered into the running for one free month of rent, up to $1,250. Individuals can enter once a day for more chances to win until the sweepstakes ends on June 12. Winners will be notified and announced in mid to late June, giving them plenty of time to sort out their July expenses.

As with all sweepstakes, there are a few fine print details to keep in mind. Individuals who live in Idaho, Iowa, or select zip codes in Illinois or Washington can gain an additional entry by entering the name of their state in all-caps in the keyword box. If you're eligible and happen to live in one of the select areas, you can gain up to two entries per day doing this.

This giveaway is only going until June 12, so don't waste any time entering yourself in the running and letting your friends know to try their luck. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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