Keystone Light Wants To Pay Your Rent For A Year To Make #Adulting Easier

The freedom of being an adult almost always comes with the burden of paying bills. And since Keystone Light recognizes that dishing out a tremendous chunk of your salary to live in a semi-mediocre apartment is — well — a complete travesty, the beer brand is offering to pay 13 lucky people's rent for a full year. So, if you haven't already entered the Keystone Light Fall Renter Sweepstakes 2019, definitely consider doing so... your bank account will thank you.

Earlier this month, on Aug. 1, Keystone Light officially launched its Fall Renter Sweepstakes, in which the brand will be doling out a total of 13 grand prizes of free rent for a full year in the form of $12,000 checks, according to a press release. Additionally, 150 runners-up will take home a "getting older transition pack," which includes a Keystone Light-branded inflatable chair, shower curtain, Hawaiian shirt. and a "can"delier, which — in case you didn't know — is a chandelier made of Keystone Light cans. And since the grand prize and runner-up prize both sound absolutely incredible, you'll be happy to know that entering is pretty simple.

First, you'll visit Keystone Light's Free Rent webpage, and submit your date of birth. Then, you'll enter your email address, along with any of the following keywords: Keystone, Rent, Prizes, Light, Chill, Fall, Swag, Smooth, Sweeps, Winner, Cheers, Beer, Stone, Payoff, Cool, Crisp, or Gold. There are five National Pool Grand Prizes and eight Keyword Pool Grand Prizes, and you have one chance to enter per day, so you can improve your odds by entering a different keyword everyday. One entry will automatically enter you into both pools at once.

Once you've completed that, you'll hit submit and enter the information requested on the registration form. According to the official rules, it will include your first and last name, a valid email address, a full mailing address, your date of birth, a phone number, and a confirmation that you read and agree to the Official Rules.

If you would rather enter through Snapchat, on the other hand, you can do so upon purchasing some Keystone Light for yourself. According to the official rules, you'll sign in to the app, and enter the SnapCode on the box. From there, you'll receive a link to the sweepstakes website. Just make sure to enter by Sept. 29 — that is when the contest will officially close.

On Sept. 30, five potential grand prize winners and eleven potential first prize winners will be randomly selected from the National Pool, according to the official rules. If you don't end up winning the National Pool, you will still be eligible to win in the Keyword Pool, which awards a total of eight grand prize winners. All potential winners who don't respond to the notification within five days will forfeit the prize, which will be given to an alternate winner. So keep checking that email — it'd be a shame to miss out on this.

In the press release, Josh Wexelbaum, Keystone's Marketing Director of Economy Brands said they recognize that adulthood is pricey, so they want to allow fans to have a little fun, and to not spend their entire paycheck on rent.

According to the press release, Wexelbaum said:

We know adulthood can be expensive, especially for those just graduating college and grad school. In the real world full of pressures and responsibilities, we want to give people the opportunity to enjoy a little more fun – like cold, smooth beer and good times with friends. That’s what Keystone Light is all about.

There is seriously no denying that having your rent covered for an entire year would be — well — absolutely incredible. Keystone Light is reminding all of us not to take life too seriously, and that's definitely something I could get behind. Having some extra play money is honestly the dream, so fingers crossed.