Kesha Just Debuted A Totally New Hair Color At The American Music Awards


Kesha only recently released her latest single, "Raising Hell," featuring New Orleans native Big Freedia, and she's already raising hell (the good kind) on the red carpet. On Sunday, Nov. 24, the singer arrived along with Big Freedia in a full black, white, and gold printed outfit — tights and pumps included — and that wasn't even the most exciting part. Kesha's American Music Awards 2019 look also featured a totally new hairstyle, and she low-key looks like a totally different person.

Kesha stepped onto the carpet wearing what appears to be a head-to-toe Versace look. A close look at the dress' material suggests, in reality, that it might be a bathrobe with Versace's signature Baroque-inspired prints, which Kesha wore over similarly printed Versace tights and pointed-toe pumps. If this is the case, you all better be prepared for the "bathrobe chic" trend that will undoubtedly ensue. I mean, Kesha basically invented glitter makeup, right?

She accessorized the look with stacked necklaces, one of which is a low-hanging medallion, one is a thick chain-link choker, and the other two are smaller gold chains. She also wore gold dangling earrings, a few gold chain-link bracelets, several gold statement rings embedded with jewels, and a small, crystal-covered black purse.

John Shearer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As much as I can't get over the fact that Kesha may very well not only be wearing head-to-toe Versace, but a Versace bathrobe, I also can't go over her hair. While the "Praying" singer ditched her signature blonde hair a while back in favor of chocolate brown locks, she's gone even darker now, with dark brown, almost black hair. Aside from the color her hair was styled in a wet look with natural-looking waves. Kesha's eye makeup, dark black shadow brushed out into a large wing with a heavy black under-smoke, matched her new dark color perfectly.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Though Kesha isn't nominated for an American Music Award tonight, she and Big Freedia are set to perform "Raising Hell," and, for lack of a better term, raise hell in doing so. Here's hoping she keeps this stunning look on for the performance, while I watch from afar in my own definitely-not-Versace robe.