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Kenzie Ziegler Thinks "Alone Time" Is Overrated

Elite Daily

Kenzie Ziegler lives a pretty extraordinary life. When she's not dropping new dance floor anthems or filming her YouTube show Total Eclipse, she's entertaining her combined 31 million followers on Instagram and TikTok. A triple threat like Ziegler typically has an endless list of high-profile plans, events, and projects on the horizon, but as she quarantines amid the coronavirus pandemic, her life has understandably taken a monotonous turn. Still, if you think Kenzie Ziegler's post-quarantine plans include anything ultra-glamorous, you're wrong.

Right now, Ziegler finds herself missing the more mundane aspects of her pre-quarantine life, like bedroom hang sessions with her besties and random shopping trips to her favorite store (Target, FYI). "Literally, [I just want to go] outside," she tells me. "My mom took me to Rite Aid with masks and stuff so I could get something. I got so excited to get in the car and go to Rite Aid."

I caught up with Ziegler for Elite Daily's How I Take Care feature, which explores the ways your favorite TV stars, influencers, vloggers, TikTokers, musicians, and politicians are taking care of themselves during the coronavirus crisis. Here's what she had to say about appreciating the little things while in quarantine.

Who she's quarantining with: Her sister (Maddie Ziegler), mom, and stepdad

Movie she could watch on repeat: Perks of Being a Wallflower

TV character she wants to quarantine with: "John B from Outer Banks. He's funny and he's really cute and I think it would be fun."

First concert she wants to go to when it's safe: Justin Bieber

Local restaurant she misses the most: "Oh, I love Katsuya. [It's] my favorite restaurant. Everyone makes fun of me because it's a sushi restaurant, [and] I don't even like fish."

She's the coolest Gemini you'll ever meet, OK?

A lot of people say that Geminis are the worst, but my best friend says I'm the best Gemini she's ever met. So I think that's a good thing.

Maddie's her forever hype-man.

[Maddie] and I just make TikTok dances all the time. And we binge watch shows... [She] can sense [when I'm feeling insecure] and she just does my makeup and then does my hair and we go take pictures for Instagram or something. Every time when I'm down about myself, my sister always does that for me, it's really sweet.

She's learning new ~skillz~.

I've just been tie-dyeing a lot of my clothes. I've been learning how to skateboard, which is so random. I've been trying to teach myself. I've been learning the piano. I've just been doing a lot to keep busy. I've also been working out with my sister a lot because we have nothing else to do and I hate working out, but it's a good time to.

TikTok is her escape... but Instagram's still bae.

Instagram is an easier way to connect with people... but, at the same time, TikTok is more fun because I just use that app as a fun place to make up dances because it's not as harsh. On Instagram, I feel everyone looks different than they do on TikTok because TikTok is just so fun and you can literally look like whatever and everyone loves it. So I think TikTok over Instagram, but I still love Instagram.

She's done putting off the small things for later.

I used to just be like, "Oh, I'm not going to do this today because I want to just hang out at home," but now I really regret it... I always make time for my friends, but I don't hang out with them sometimes. I'm just like, "Yeah, I want some alone time." But now I'm really sad because I just want to see them so bad.

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