Kendall Wrote The Most Heartbreaking Thing About Her Breakup With Joe

by Candice Jalili
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If you haven't yet had your daily cry and are looking for some inspo, I'd highly suggest checking out Kendall Long's quote about wanting a future with ex Joe Amabile. The quote in question took place in the comments section of a black and white bikini-clad selfie Long posted of herself on April 7. One fan commented on the picture asking if Long and Amabile would ever get back together because they were "such an awesome couple." Then, another fan responded by commenting, "I just don't think she was that into him," alongside a shrug emoji. Long was not here for that statement. "Let's not assume my feelings," she wrote. "I loved him enough to see a marriage and future. A lot is private."

This isn't the first time Long has admitted that she once upon a time saw herself walking down the aisle with Amabile. “I thought Joe and I were going to literally be married,” she told her best friend Rachael Kevin during the Feb. 11 episode of her Down to Date podcast. “If anyone knows me, I’m not the person that plans my wedding and I was literally doing that with Joe."

So, why did they break up? It just wasn't working out logistically. While they were both living together in Los Angeles, Amabile's heart was still in Chicago. “Every relationship has issues, but I feel like — with Joe and I — we were best friends. Everything was fun, we were getting a dog together. We had just moved in... Ultimately what happened was that Joe felt like he would have a better [life] in Chicago," Long shared during the same episode of her podcast.

Luckily, she doesn't seem to be harboring any ill will toward him post split. “In no way can I ever be upset with him and have [resentment] toward him changing his mind and choosing to move because I understand the stresses of living somewhere like LA away from your family," Long said on her podcast. "That was also a huge reason why I didn’t see myself moving from LA, at least at that point in my life.”

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Even now, she very publicly remains on good terms with her ex. On April 12, Long took to Instagram to wish Amabile a happy birthday, posting a clip of him from a trip they took last year to her Instagram Story alongside the caption "Happy Birthday Butthead."

You see that? Even if your future with someone doesn't look exactly like you thought it would, it's still possible to have your own sort of alternate happily ever after.