Kendall Couldn't Stop Gushing Over Justin & Hailey's Relationship During Their IG Live

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Kendall Jenner is the kind of BFF everyone deserves. She joined Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin for a virtual hangout session on Sunday, April 5, and dished on their friendship and beyond. Kendall Jenner's quotes about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's marriage are so sweet.

Despite admitting she's doing her best to "stay off screens" while practicing social distancing, Jenner didn't miss the chance to catch up with Bieber and Baldwin. The pals, who are all self-quarantined in their homes due to the coronavirus crisis, couldn't help but smile as they reflected on their friendship during the IG Live.

Jenner joked that she "stole" Baldwin from her sister Kylie, who was friends with her first, when they were teenagers. "Hails was my first friend in New York," Jenner shared. "She’s the reason I love New York.”

And while Jenner and Baldwin's convo was super adorable, Bieber got in on the fun by asking Jenner one burning question. "Did you see this coming?" Bieber asked Jenner about his relationship with Baldwin.

"I think I hoped, because obviously Hails is my lady, my best friend. I wanted it so bad for both of you," Jenner said, before sharing what she told Bieber and Baldwin at their October 2019 wedding. "It just makes me really happy. I said that to you guys at your wedding. I think I started crying."

Watch Jenner gush over Baldwin and Bieber in the video below.

The smiles on Bieber and Baldwin's faces as they listened to Jenner were absolutely priceless. From the looks on their faces, the couple doesn't seem to mind being isolated in their home together.

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Jenner, meanwhile, is enjoying the company of her two dogs, and is getting by with a little help from FaceTime-ing with friends.

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