Kendall Jenner Revealed Her Biggest Turn-Ons & Turn-Offs In An Intimate Video

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As someone who's grown up in the limelight her whole life, it's not surprising that Kendall Jenner gravitates towards people who aren't afraid to be themselves. In a new interview with Calvin Klein, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star got real about what she looks for in a partner — and, interestingly enough, Kendall Jenner’s biggest turn-on is literally so relatable. Here's what she had to say about "unfiltered" people and what qualities draw her to someone.

As part of Calvin Klein's new "In Bed With" YouTube series, which features some of the brand's most famous ambassadors lounging around in bed while answering personal questions about themselves, Jenner opened up with a rare glimpse inside her love life in an episode shared on Thursday, Dec. 19.

When asked about what she finds most attractive in a potential romantic interest, the reality star revealed that authenticity, charisma, and a sense of humor are major selling points.

"Someone who is confident and I really like a witty person," she said in the video. "Someone who can make me laugh. The sillier you are, the more yourself you are, the more unfiltered you are, I think the better."

Conversely, Jenner said she wouldn't be into "someone who is trying to be something they’re not or trying to prove something."

Now, the model doesn't go into detail about who fits the above criteria, but I wouldn't be surprised if rekindled flame Ben Simmons has at least a few of these attributes.

If you've been keeping up with Kendall's love life, you might remember that she and the Philadelphia 76ers basketball star called it quits in May after about a year of dating. However, according to E! News, the couple have struck up a romance once again after the model was recently spotted sitting courtside at a few of her former beau's games.

A source told the publication that despite their busy schedules, they're committed to seeing where things go.

"They took a break because it was difficult to sustain a relationship with their schedules," the insider said, citing Simmons' frequent travel during the basketball season and Jenner's model gigs as hurdles in their relationship. "But they have stayed in touch and there was never a messy breakup or hard feelings. Kendall has spent a lot of time with Ben over the last few weeks in Philadelphia. She's been flying in to see him whenever she can."

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Once the basketball season is over, Simmons is reportedly planning to relocate to Los Angeles to make things easier for him and Jenner.

"If the timing works out and they can see each other, they are trying to make that happen," the source added. "He wants to spend the off season in Los Angeles again and they will see what happens."

While things might be up in the air at the moment, the biggest takeaway is that they're very into each other and willing to put in the work to give their relationship another go. "They really like each other and want to be a part of each other lives," the source added. "They are so comfortable with each other and always laughing. They work well together."

From the sound of things, Simmons definitely checks off Jenner's humor requirement, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see more of this couple stepping out together in 2020.