Um, Hello & Good Day To Kendall Jenner's Sexy LATEX Emmys Look Only

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Hi, did anyone notice Kendall's hair at the Emmy Awards??? Yes, Kendall Jenner's 2019 Emmys 2019 dress was stunning, but I couldn't help but focus on the fact that she'd officially gone back to brunette. RIP Blonde Kenny, aka my all-time favorite Kenny! I'm not going to lie, I was sad AF to see she'd returned to her signature shade of brown, but as always, the model looked stunning, and her funky dress made a major statement. Like, a major latex turtleneck statement. Do I have your attention?

About a week ago, Jenner shook me to the core when she showed up to the Burberry show at London Fashion Week with platinum blonde hair. Yup, bleach blonde, baby! A fave shade frequented by Khloé, Kylie, and Kim, Kendall herself rarely goes light, so the change caught me completely off guard. I almost didn't recognize her as she strutted down the runway, but seconds after she walked, a bevy of tweets and headlines confirmed that it was, in fact, a blonde Jenner, as I'd suspected. I truly hoped she'd stay light for a while, but at the Emmy Awards red carpet, Kendall and big sis Kim Kardashian West showed up with matching dark tresses once again.

Ugh, don't you LOVE her as a blonde? I'm seriously obsessed.

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Still, her dark updo looked fab at the Emmys, so like, I'll live:

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Also, she wore a latex turtleneck, so can I really be mad?

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I know I'm talking a lot about her hair, so let's shift gears and discuss the 'fit. From the chest down, Jenner's black-and-red floral gown was ladylike and fun, and I especially loved the mermaid bottom. She often goes for a tight and slinky skirt, so the silhouette felt like something new for her! From the chest up, though, things got a little more, uh, wild: Jenner quite literally wore what I can only describe as a black latex turtleneck. I was blinded by the shine!

I also started sweating the second I saw it. It is way too hot out to be covered in latex, people!

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Stan Jenner for her bravery, but do not try this look at home, unless you're planning to stand in front of an air conditioner the entire time you snap your photos.

As usual, Twitter users had lots of thoughts on this bold look, not all of them in Jenner's favor:

And while some didn't really ~get~ the look, others were impressed that she took such a major fashion risk, and felt it paid off:

While I'm not sure I plan on layering with latex this fall and winter, I have to give props to Jenner for trying something new. The girl really can pull off almost anything, so if anyone's going to coat their upper half in latex, it might as well be her! That said, I'd be happier if she'd chosen to do so while blonde. #BringBackBlondeKenny, let's get it trending, people!