This New 'Baby Shark' Cereal Is A Tasty Take On The Viral Song

Unless you prefer to stay blissfully unaware of pop culture developments going on around you, you've probably heard of the hit single "Baby Shark." You know, the one that goes, "Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo," and then it switches to mommy shark, then daddy shark, then finally the grandparent sharks. The cutesy, aquatic jam is a massive hit among children everywhere at the moment, which has led to an explosion of "Baby Shark"-themed products and productions, including toys, food, and even an upcoming "Baby Shark" musical tour. But my favorite "Baby Shark" product to be released so far has to be Kelloggs' "Baby Shark" cereal, aka the perfect breakfast treat for "Baby Shark" fans and cereal-lovers alike.

According to People, Kelloggs' limited edition "Baby Shark" cereal comes in two different bright blue boxes: one depicting Baby Shark posing in front of a cereal bowl and another depicting Mommy and Daddy Shark together with a similar bowl. According to a picture of the cereal box, the flavor of the cereal is "berry fin-tastic" — plus it comes with marshmallows, the perfect addition to any colorful cereal. Though the cereal itself isn't shaped like sharks, the ring-shaped cereal comes in three fun colors: pink, light blue, and yellow.

According to People, Sam's Club is offering an exclusive deal on the cereal for the first 30 days its on shelves. The deal, which begins Aug. 17, will let shoppers across the U.S. snag a two-pack box of "Baby Shark" cereal for only $5.98. By late September, the cereal will also be available in single packs on Walmart shelves. Elite Daily reached out to Kelloggs for more information on the new cereal, but did not hear back at the time of publication. Since the cereal isn't a permanent addition to the Kellogg's line, you'll want to grab it fast before it flies — or swims — off shelves.

In case you're not super clear on the history of "Baby Shark," the song was released by South Korean educational band Pinkfong in 2016. Today, "Baby Shark" can be purchased in the form of toys, books that sing, and even shirts for the whole family. "Baby Shark" fans will also see the hit song turn into an animated series for Nickelodeon in the future, so prepare to have the song stuck in your head 24/7.

"Baby Shark" cereal isn't the only underwater-themed breakfast item to make its debut this summer. General Mills released Mermaid Cereal in June 2019, with super cute green-and-blue packaging featuring a purple-haired mermaid swimming toward a bowl of cereal under iridescent lettering spelling out "mermaid." The box contains star-shaped and tail-shaped orange and teal corn puffs that taste like orange and pineapple with a fruity milky finish. You can snag the mid-size box of Mermaid Cereal for around $3.99 while the family size box costs a dollar more, making it $4.99. Though the cereal is mermaid-themed, General Mills' Mermaid Cereal is not related to Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Courtesy of General Mills

Whether you opt for Kellogg's "Baby Shark" cereal or General Mills' Mermaid Cereal (or both, which is my game plan), you're sure to have a tasty summer ahead of you. Happy snacking!